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Prepare for interview questions, but you can only anticipate so much.

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Being interviewed for a job is a thrilling experience. The first time I’ve had my chest is heavily pounding. You don’t know what questions the interviewer will ask you, and the strenuous task for you is to casually answer, as if in a normal conversation.

The ones I’ve had in the past are traditionalists. They started with asking me to describe myself, strength and weakness and the rest of those rehearsed questions. What is interesting then is to throw you a question that ought to be asked in a talk show.

I’m talking about the Oddball Interview Questions I’ve read from Yahoo! Apparently, interviewers ask questions like who would play you in a movie, which I find firm interest. For fun, I’d want to answer them, but they do not necessarily mean they are good responses in an interview.

Who would play you in a movie?

– Easy, Ryan Reynolds because I’m as buff. HAHA fine, I want Johnny Depp. He’s just incredible in so much roles he had. Viewers believed he’s a pirate, vampire, barber, tea party organizer and many more of his roles. I want his craft to liven up the role of me.

If you were an animal, which one you’d be?

– If I were an animal, I would be a Gull. I want the privelege to invade three territories – wander in land, drift in air and dive in the sea. I’ll have so many friends then so when I have an enemy, it’s easy to track him down. Plus, I’ll experience so much from the world.

What superhero powers you would want to possess?

– I want to read minds. I mean, some powers are attainable now by most people. You can fly via airplane, gulp gasoline and breath fire, or be invisible by not talking. But with cutting edge technology of today’s, no one can read exactly what’s on the person’s mind. That’ll be cool. I could read thoughts all day.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?

– If it’s on, I’m dead obviously so it has to be off. It seemed to be impossible to climb since it’s glass and you’ll just slide back. But I have one that’s so gruesome, yet clever. I’ll shit all over, and use it to spell H-E-L-P on the glass so giant people could recognize.

How you would survive on a desert island for 30 days?

– Do I have an iPhone? No? Because I could ask Siri to bring my chopper then. Kidding aside, I will need water at least to survive 30 days. If there’s zero reserves, I’ll improvise a boat. If there’s no material other than sand, then I’ll swim away. There’s no way you could survive 30 days in pure desert, so I’ll take the risk.

What you would do if you inherited a pizzeria

– This is a no-brainer. I’ll run it. But I think employers will be looking for resourcefulness here so I’ll increase word of mouth marketing by having free pizza party every Friday.

What are your answers?

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Seemingly, multi-tasking is an excellent skill.

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Why won’t you do two or three tasks at the same time and save our dear time? A lot of people do it anyway – talking on the phone while listening to Rihanna, uploading photos in Facebook and cooking spaghetti at the same time. Employers seek workers who can multi-task so they’ll need less people and keep the money. But people are rewarded to multitask.

Multi-tasking is the norm of society now, and the advent of smartphones surely helped. Eating dinner while checking your email is prevalent, yet an irritating and displeasing habit.

Time is too valued nowadays which led to everybody’s multi-tasking. But I defy multi-tasking. Doing a lot of things at the same time is confusing; and contrary to the popular belief, I find it less productive than single-tasking. Here’s why.

Distraction Avoided

Multi-tasking simultaneously means multi-distractions. You won’t focus on one activity, so each activity is a distraction to one another. My mom trained me to watch TV while folding clothes. The thing is, I don’t enjoy the TV show since I’m preoccupied at folding – and the clothes looked uglier. Leisure time is watching TV and productivity time is folding clothes; and I’ve been more satisfied and more productive.

Attention and Self-control Prolonged

Think of doing one task at a time and you’ll be able to focus more on it. It will take less time to finish one task and the quality of you doing that task is plenary. Divided attention was turned into full attention, which means less mistakes and better performance. Besides, it takes self-control to do this, which implies maturity of a person.

Pleasure more Pleasurable

Everybody needs time for themselves. And it’s more pleasurable to just enjoy your “me time” without slicing in some tasks, regardless if that’s just simple or minor task. Just take it slow when reading your book. Don’t fast read because you need to save time, but read at a comfortable pace. Or just take a shower without thinking about your job. Better yet, sing your favorite tune and loosen yourself.

Complexity leads to Stress

When one task is complex enough, why add another one? Another great reason why single tasking is the better choice is because it is less stressful than multi-tasking. And we all know stress ruins our mood, apart from the damaging but avertible health consequences.

Perseverance Promoted

Single tasking exercises one’s perseverance. And perseverance shortens the path to your goal. As McCarty (2012) puts it, concentration is an art; “if we practice concentrating, we can be busy, focused, and efficient. Best of all, we can breathe and relax”.

For me, this is living better. I hope you do too, with whatever works for you.

At which activities do you single-task?

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Cheap on labor, excessive on endorsement.

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An elegant, dandy pair of Nike shoes would cost you around $70 to $150. Little did the public know that the production cost, meaning the materials, machinery, and rent that Nike spend in making a pair of shoe, is just $12. More intriguingly, the labor was just $2.75, or just 4% of the money the customers pay for a shoe with a check sign.

Workers in the production factory really earn a little percentage, and quite frankly are underpaid.

Most of the cost of the shoes came from advertisements. Tiger Woods, for instance, was paid $20 Million to promote the Nike golf division alone. In 2006, Nike spent $476 Million to get star-studded promotion of their shoes.

This engagement does not only apply to Nike. Before buying the Shape Ups Skechers shoes Kim Kardashian promotes, think of how much the noted Kardashian milks you some money. Just think of the workers who actually WORK and put together the materials to offer comfort for your feet and how they should get the percentage more. And think of how many hungry people will be fed, out of out-of-school children be educated, and millions of lives be improved when these shoe-makers’ cost of advertisement are focused on providing support for them.

Do they really need advertisements? People already know that Nike makes shoes, so why spend millions on promoting it more? We only have a pair of feet. Everytime we buy more than necessary, remember the children who travel to school using worn-out slippers or barefoot across rocky terraces and cross a river, even rivers.

Do you need a celebrity do endorse your shoes?

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