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Video Gaming is like watching an action-packed, story-driven, ornate-animation blockbuster movie, but with a challenge.

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You are the main character, you control him, you do the nonsense and awkward jumping and jogging around. It’s interactive, you choose the way you want the story to fulfill.

Parents say it promotes violence. There’s a reason why certain games are age-restricted. There are video games for kids – Mario and his unending quest to save a princes or Hannah Montana dream show. The hardcore ones are for the emerging adults to adults. And like Hannah Montana, we know it’s a dream world. What we do in the games doesn’t necessarily reflect how we function in society.

People say it’s a waste of time. Nothing is a waste of time if you enjoy every second of wasting it. But I understand where this is coming from; there are professionals who risk their jobs by shutting down his life for video games. It shouldn’t get in the way of responsibilities, be it work, school, and relationships. Like in any areas of life, moderation is key. Too much of anything could bad for you, so it’s all about managing time.

In playing video games, there are numerous instances where a person’s decision making is tested. That’s where one’ll get to know that certain decisions have hefty consequences, so next time you will decide better. And of course, the slower you are, the lamer you are in the game. Video gaming improves your reflexes, making it quicker and faster.

It also works your problem solving skills, creativity, self-confidence and in recent years, fitness. On top of all, it incomparably improves mood. It is among the best stress reliever out there!

Researches as proofs, Nintendo Wii can help improve motor functioning for recovering stoke patients; kids “soar” with their grades; and quite contrary to beliefs, video gaming aren’t so geeky. It improves social skills rather than keep you on your own. There are many more benefits, but this is not a psychological report so I’ll stop there.

And by the way, if it helps the gaming industry, I will continue buying $60 games – it’s well worth my money and time. $0.99 speaks for itself, you get $0.99 value of pleasure – repetitive, quite boring.

Why do you play video games?

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I look at these new upgrades and ask, “what for?”

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There is so much to discover and so much to improve in our human lives that drives technological upgrades. Just for instance, the emerging tablets are shoving off the laptops for improved portability and accessibility.

One may perhaps argue that upgrades are directing towards a progress or improvement; after all it says UPgrades. But the following technological upgrades aren’t really necessary; rather, they cater to the human drives of laziness and lavish spending.

Japanese Talking Toilet

Japanese Talking Toilet, talk while you poop, futuristic high tech toilet, New robot from japan is inside the washroom

Photo from lovingthemachine’s YouTube

The Japanese is the leading proprietor in robot invention. And an addition to their inglorious robotic scene is a toilet that you can talk to, ask for a joke or even tell the weather while you poop. Apparently, the Japanese people needed to spice up their pooping activity. But for the rest of us, this is our childhood nightmare.

Wallet Fingerprint Security

A Pricey Wallet, most expensive wallet in the world, wallet security, wallet that opens with touch, fingerprint technology, most secured wallet

Photo from Dunhill

By all means, if you are willing to dispose a $850 for a wallet, then buy Dunhill’s wallet for men that boasts fingerprint security. But for the thrifty ones, you really don’t need to waste money on a wallet. Wallets are put in the back pocket of a man’s pants, where it usually get seated. It gets crushed and squashed. Although it is appealingly cool that only you can access to your cash, thieves will just stole the wallet itself and grant themselves a fortune.

Mind Reading Bikes

A Mind-Reading Bike, futuristic bike, white bike, cycle for exercise, bike and men, new bike technology from Toyota Prius project reads minds

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Think left and the bike steers left. Think right and the bike also obeys. Welcome to the first ever boring bicycle, where all you have to do is pedal. Come on, steering is where the exhibition and all the fun is in a bicycle. We get the breakthrough in mind-reading technology, but not this way – you take the essence of riding a bike.

Bejeweled Consoles

Golden Wii, ridiculous expensive nintendo wii, gold plated game consoles, most beautiful Wii for the rich

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There’s nothing the gold encrusted Wii can do that my normal Wii cannot do. Oh wait, the golden Wii makes the owner foolishly arrogant but wealthy.

Chastity Bras

The Chastity Bra, secretive bra, bra with padlock, Japanese bras has lock, pink bra

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I know some guys are having tough times dislodging a lady’s bra, but with chastity bra, there’s no way he can un-bra her. Chastity bras come with a padlock. You don’t need this because (a) guys can be smart when in need, we’ll just use scissors to cut your bra, (b) sex happens south, and (c) chastity means controlling your urges not locking your hooters.

LED Ruler

Flashlight Ruler, LED light ruler, glow in the dark ruler, most useful ruler, fine measurement with best ruler, accurate ruler

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I don’t know why they have to invent an LED-enabled ruler. If there is no light and you need to measure the length of something, just open the freaking fluorescent lights! There is a reason why Thomas Edison persistently tried thousands of filaments in coming up a light bulb – to be used!

Waterproof Earphones

Water and Earphone, Together, waterproof earphones headset headphone, swimming with music, ipod under water

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You can’t leave your favorite song for a swim? Anything can be  best and worst for something, and music is worst underwater.

What other technologies are not necessary?

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