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“Be quiet! I’m trying to think.”
by Jeff Whitaker of Giving Voice to Vision

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Those of us who spend a lot of time in the business of creativity know the feeling. You need to come up with something. But you’re just not ‘feeling it’. Good news. I may be able to help you spark a creative idea or two.

We’ve all been told at one time or another, “Be quiet! I’m trying to think. Well, it could be that may not be the best admonishment to get the creative juices flowing. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research finds that when you compare next to no noise (or silence) to moderate levels of ambient noise, turns out moderate noise wins out as a better environment in which to create.

Apparently it works this way. Moderate background noise (70 decibels) creates enough of a distraction to push people to think more creatively where as complete silent can have the opposite effect. The researchers say a relatively noisy environment like a cafe or coffee shop may actually trigger the brain to think abstractly and in turn generate creative ideas. (I’m sure the caffeine doesn’t hurt.)

The study also cautions that excessive noise like a jackhammer isn’t the answer either. Too much noise really does make it hard to think. Guess its true that as with many other aspects of life, moderation is the key, literally.

So, the next time your project calls for a jolt of creativity, excuse yourself and head to the nearest coffee house. Who knows what you’ll come up with.

What are some of your best ideas for sparking creativity and do you agree or disagree with the findings of this study?

I am the Pastor of Programming and Media at Shore Fellowship Church, one of the largest churches in Southern New Jersey and one of the fastest growing churches in the nation.

Ibiza, the ideal place to go to on holidays; yet research has shown many return depressed and disillusioned.

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People save money for years in order to enjoy the life on Ibiza for a few weeks. A vacation to live up to. But when you arrive there, everything is different than expected. You’re not the only one in the expensive hotel. Your expensive hotel is one of the cheapest in comparison to the others, and your clothes, on which a lot of money was spent, are nothing different from other people’s clothes. You’re normal.

You always were normal. But when you’re, for 3 weeks, trying not be, you still are. What did you save all that money for? To live the life, partying all week, to find out it doesn’t help. Ibiza should have been the distraction, but it became the eye-opener. But realizing all this, you think, well, if it’s all for nothing, why not release the brakes and go wild? Which is exactly what people do. Drugs and alcohol, and not a little.

The worst part might still be coming back. Back to all, found out, you really are but don’t want to be. Some even end up with addictions, because of all the party drugs and alcohol from Ibiza.

The advise experts give to people who have a vacation to Ibiza planned but unable to cancel it? Make an appointment with a psychologist before you go; he will be busy when you return.

Have you been depressed from a holiday?

I don’t know about you, but when I get excited, I can’t sleep; and lack of sleep is bad.

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When people are excited, they may be overthinking. They’re thinking of what could happen like they can trace a clue, which will lead to thinking about the results of it, and then you’ll feel an emotion towards the event that is yet to come.

The other extreme of this is worrying. They both render strong feelings for an imminent event. Worrying is thinking that something wrong may happen, so you’ll feel fear; while excitement is thinking that something superlative is coming, so you’ll feel elated. Being elated is a positive feeling, so it can’t be bad right? It is bad if it hampers what good you should be doing, like you can’t eat or do any prolonged task in too much excitement.

There’s “good” excitement, if I may say. I experience that in the middle of chase scenes in an action movie, or the moment before I jump off the ravine (relax, bungee jumping), or watching a head to head sports game. There’s adrenaline in all of that, and it’s a good feeling. We like to be excited that way. We are excited while the event is happening.

In “bad” excitement, we are excited towards an event that is not happening. It stresses us; we can’t wait for it to happen. Like coping with worrying, maybe we just have to let it be. Let it come, you know it will, and be excited while it’s happening. Chill out.

Do you get too excited?

Let’s talk about our weirdness.

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We’re all the same in the sense that each has own peculiar weirdness. Everybody’s different; even twins who have identical genetic makeup can experience the same world differently. We develop ways of doing things apart from the rest. In this post, I wanted to know how weird you can get!

I separate ground beef. The thing about me is that sometimes I’m a health freak, and at times I love junk foods. But every food with ground beef, say spaghetti, I take my time in separating fats from the meat. I know it’s too minuscule and I won’t even taste the fat but my mind is messing with me.

I despise sharing. I don’t like sharing hotel rooms or sharing foods. Especially with sharing foods, I feel like if I’m eating a lot, I’m robbing the other person – and I can really eat like vultures! I want things solely on my own. I know what you’re thinking and nope, I’m not forever alone and I love people. In times I can’t avoid sharing, I won’t be an as*hole about it and I’ll share. I just prefer not to.

I’m an early bird when in comes to technology. Don’t get me started with the new Microsoft Surface or the next Wii gaming console because I can take a whole day talking about it. I can’t take my eyes off when a new gadget or technology was announced.

What’s your weird thing?

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An airline is accused of hacking a person’s email.

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Airplanes are the safest mode of transportation. In 2002, there were 6,316,000 car accidents in US alone, compare that to 339 near collisions between airlines. The safest seat you’ll be was in the back of the plane, having 40% more survival rate in case something unwelcome happened (based on Popular Mechanic’s study of plane crashes since 1971). That’s the dilemma, comfort was in the front, safety was in the back, where would you be? named Iran Airlines, China Airlines, and Cubana Airlines as the most dangerous airlines in the world. Iran Airlines’s had three accidents in the last 10 years and its safety issues earned a banned status from European Union. China has high number of casualties, the latest it had was in 2002 where 225 lives were lost. Cubana Airlines has the lowest success flights between accidents.

The approximate starting salary of a pilot was $18,000 a year. A janitor’s salary was $21,000 while a New York taxi cab’s salary was $22,000. To get proper training, a pilot aspirant pays $40,000 to $50,000 in average and needs to pass three licenses. Captains earn gigantic if he had miraculous hours of flight.

Dr. Davis Stork said that the filth on airplanes are hazardous to health. Blankets and pillows are unwashed, tray tables are unsanitary and floors are soiled. Try not to touch anything or have a hand wash for your aid.

Kate Hanni sued Delta Air line Inc., accusing the company hacked emails from her computer. She is associated with where passengers voice out about the service of the airline. Whether it’s true or not, a company could go to the extreme to save their face, even to the point of privacy breach.

Order canned or bottled refreshments. EPA testing confirmed 13% of the tested aircraft contained coliform bacteria in their drinking water. The bacteria is found in the fecal matter.

The sky is not entirely clear space – birds can fly too! US Air Force reported 5,000 bird strikes in 2007 due to collision with aircrafts. Other than that, no one’s tracking how many birds were sacrificed for your flight.

What would you like to improve in airlines?

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