A new movement wants to breed horses for human’s consumption.

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The US congress lifted a bad that halts the funding of horsemeat inspections. Detract comments, of course, spurred afterwards. PETA is however not one of them.

PETA thinks that this ban purging would liberate the inhumane treatment for horses. Always controversial with their statements, they have gathered supporters and adversaries at the same time. PETA believes that the ban prompted cruel treatment and transport of horses to other horsemeat eating nations such as China, France and Mexico. So, they want to stop it through promoting the slaughter of them, in a closed warehouse, with the only choice of living to die.

I firmly believe that the re-opening of slaughter houses will not end the cruel treatment of horses when shipping to other nations. Consequently, it would induce more suffering for these robust but helpless animals. The inconvenient idea of slaughter houses is that you take the will of horses to experience living the way they are supposed to live.

Historians would agree that long ago, horsemeat was used as an essential source of human protein diet. But it became a taboo when horses became man’s companion.

Yeah, hunting horses is a natural occurrence of food cycle. At the very least, let the horses grow in the wild. Slaughter houses are against the nature because you breed horses just to die without fulfilling their innate purpose to live. So ultimately, it is against the animal rights.

Prior to the ban in 2007, slaughter houses are operating. But these slaughter houses, which are believed to save horses from cruelty, are sporting cruelty themselves to the horses as documented by the USDA even with federal inspectors surveying the area. Foreigners own most of rhese dirty houses; and they pocket the profit more than the economy. They also pose detrimental pollution to the environment. All of this is at the expense of America.

You just can’t compare the horses to chickens, turkey, pigs and cows, which are what we are consuming now. Horses take 4 years to mature; unlike, lets say chickens, which take weeks. Horses are also too famous as a symbol. They have done too much for humans across history – it moved us, it won us victories. We can’t afford a shift of perception from the immensely friendly horses into merely food.

Economically speaking, horse meats have high opportunity cost. They have a lot of uses to be put into waste– in transportation, in farms and their ecological contribution; and expensive for environment and materials for production.

But it will come down to us. Would you want to consume a horsemeat?

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