I swear, I swear.

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Censored Swearing. Photo from hpr1.com

I’m not sensitive to swearing. I was once warned that I’m about to meet people who can swear every after two words; and I said I’m totally fine with it. Swear all they want, it’s not me attracting the bad impression. I swear too, like the time a thumb was stapled on the desk. It’s not my thumb, but seeing it is nasty. I encourage you to utter your favorite curse word/s when in pain because it reduces the pain itself and increases your tolerance, said the psychologist Richard Stephens in a new study.

Swearing is an avenue to express your right brain’s creativeness. People combine swear words and make up their own. I have a bilingual swear that is well above innovation. I’m reserving it for an intense occasion.

Swearing has extents. I don’t foresee myself not enjoying real passionate and powerful swearing of other people. It amazes me how our mouths can think, before the brain realizes the curse is already articulated. However, it is not cool to swear in front of children. Children can learn via modeling, and you know the words that are easy to pick up – mom, hi, f*ck. Although they will learn these words soon as they grow, don’t let them encounter it early at home.

Some people can contain swears in their thoughts. That may be better to just think it than say in front of undesirable audience. I think there are also people who don’t swear verbally, but in their minds it’s a mayhem. I’m the person who just says it whenever the need arises.

When are the times you swear the most passionately?

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