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Noise is more tolerable than complete silence.

Man of Noise, silence vs noise, hate silence, love noise and music

Man of Noise. Photo from

I can’t stand the complete silence. I feel like my head is about to pop. Every second more of silence will add up to the chances of me being mad. I’ll do all things, even writing, with music if the surrounding is mute. The sound of fan would do, or the wind brushing the trees outside, but not the silence.

Do you know that silence kills? Of course you don’t, because I made that up. But it will kill me if you locked me into a room of blankness, nothing that could make any sound at all. That is a terrible nightmare I just imagine myself of being into, and see, this is what silence do – creeps you out!

Silence causes trauma to the brain. The temporal lobe is constantly expecting waves from the acoustic nerve. If there’s silence, there’s no message to deliver to the brain. So it makes you uncomfortable because there’s an anomaly. From ears to your brain and everything in between is not functioning the natural way. This is my reasoning why I hated silence, and I’m impressed at how this paragraph looked so academic as I made this up as well.

We reason in accordance to what we believe, and we accept that reason because it supports us. I just feel nothingness in silence, like I’m not moving forward, stagnant like the dead. Silence is really unfavorable.

Which would you prefer, silence or noise?

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Do you know that we are celebrating the air conditioning appreciation holiday?

Men's Grooming Day is August 17, men vanity, men grooming, man beauty, men cosmetics, men holiday

Men’s Grooming Day is August 17. Photo from

Christmas is among the biggest holiday, but the birth of Christ isn’t the only cause we celebrate. Even the minute affairs have their own days:

January. For the first month, we have the annoying opposite day and couple that with nothing day, we should have high dose of playfulness or tolerance. Our feet was taken into focus alongside blaming someone else for starting a rumor.

Blame someone else day – 13th (or first Friday the 13th day of the year)
Nothing day – 16th
Measure your feet day – 23rd
Opposite day – 25th

February. If you’re dying to change your name, this is good; but if you love your name already, you’ll have to change it for a day. You could cry any day on a spilled milk but not on the 11th.

Read in the bathtub day – 9th
Don’t cry over spilled milk day – 11th
Get a different name day – 13th
Wear red day – 25th

March. Fantastic month. There’s a day of awesomeness, which I celebrate everyday, be nasty day and oh, waffle day! We better get a great haircut because haircut appreciation day is coming. And there’s Bunsen burner day. Wait, what is a Bunsen burner again?

Be nasty day – 8th
Day of awesomeness – 10th
Waffle day – 25th
Hairstyle appreciation day – 30th
Bunsen burner day – 31st

April. Start the month fooling and end it with honesty (handle both with caution). Stop the housework and look at the sky. High five with a friend after picking your nose; then memorize the meaning of DNA. This is April.

April fool’s day – 1st
No housework day – 7th
Look up at the sky day – 14th
High five day – 19th
DNA day – 20th
International nose picking day – 23rd
Honesty day – 30th

May. I think people are hungriest at this month. They invented the no diet day, which you would eat without any regard. Count a few days then there’s eat what you want day, pick strawberries day and even chicken dancing day – it can be any type of dance but it has to be chicken. Star Wars day is May the 4th, get it?

Star Wars day – 4th
No diet day – 6th
Eat what you want day – 11th
Dance like a chicken day – 14th
Pick strawberries day – 20th

June. I get to practice my acting skills by getting panicked exaggeratedly on seeing the news. One question, why the hell would you take your dog to your work? Veterinarians, don’t answer.

Dare day – 1st
Hug holiday – 11th
International panic day – 18th
Take your dog to work day – 23rd

July. You think the geeks would let the awesome to have a day on their own? They’ve got their day too. There’s a day for getting out of the doghouse, which you should have not waited for this day to come out if you entered it. Sorry bee sting victims, you can’t avenge and step on a bee on the 10th. Maybe step on bees?

Stay out of the sun day – 3rd
Compliment your mirror day – 3rd
Don’t step on a bee day – 10th
Embrace your geekness day – 13th
Get out of the doghouse day – 16th

August. Woohoooo! Bad poetry day – I’ve got an excuse. Wiggle thy toes, thou breath today, you shall groom, if you’re a dude. That bad, eh?

Fresh breath day – 6th
Wiggle your toes day – 6th
Men’s grooming day – 17th
Bad poetry day – 18th

September. Video games day is the most important day on any month. Don’t ask why, it’s not stupid.

Be late for something day – 5th
Video games day – 12th
Talk like a pirate day – 19th
Ask a stupid question day – 28th

October. It’s possible for gay people to come out many times this month. They face the fear of coming out on 9th, coming out day on 11th, and shout out their coming out in caps lock on 22nd.

Face your fears day – 9th
Coming out day – 11th
Caps lock day – 22nd
Increase your psychic powers day – 31st

November. If there’s a day dedicated for cleaning refrigerators, does that mean I can do it once a year?

False confession day – 21st
Clean your refrigerator day – 15th
Beautiful day – 20th

December. I’m interested, how does a bathtub party work? I guess being nice starts on the 4th, it’s Santa’s list day.

Eat a red apple day – 1st
Santa’s list day – 4th
Bathtub party day – 5th

It may be silly to form holidays for appreciating the air conditioners or looking at the sky, especially when holidays are widely celebrated for the esteemed dates in history. I think this is a great, great thing to remind us that it doesn’t have to be a huge deal for us to celebrate. It would add an exciting spice to life if we just abandon everything and take the moment to celebrate the little things – it matters!

I’d like to have an act like drunk day. What weird and wacky things/situations you’d like to be a holiday?

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I swear, I swear.

Censored Swearing. People swear, people curse the bad words. cool swearing, personal record of intense swearing

Censored Swearing. Photo from

I’m not sensitive to swearing. I was once warned that I’m about to meet people who can swear every after two words; and I said I’m totally fine with it. Swear all they want, it’s not me attracting the bad impression. I swear too, like the time a thumb was stapled on the desk. It’s not my thumb, but seeing it is nasty. I encourage you to utter your favorite curse word/s when in pain because it reduces the pain itself and increases your tolerance, said the psychologist Richard Stephens in a new study.

Swearing is an avenue to express your right brain’s creativeness. People combine swear words and make up their own. I have a bilingual swear that is well above innovation. I’m reserving it for an intense occasion.

Swearing has extents. I don’t foresee myself not enjoying real passionate and powerful swearing of other people. It amazes me how our mouths can think, before the brain realizes the curse is already articulated. However, it is not cool to swear in front of children. Children can learn via modeling, and you know the words that are easy to pick up – mom, hi, f*ck. Although they will learn these words soon as they grow, don’t let them encounter it early at home.

Some people can contain swears in their thoughts. That may be better to just think it than say in front of undesirable audience. I think there are also people who don’t swear verbally, but in their minds it’s a mayhem. I’m the person who just says it whenever the need arises.

When are the times you swear the most passionately?

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Bleep! My Finger! Why Swearing Helps Ease Pain; Time Magazine Health

Why would a parent name their child Placenta?

Person's Label, horrible bad name, baby names, girl's name, name changing, name influence

Person’s Label. Photo from

Certain parents are adept in naming their child. Select names just stand out, like Justin of course. Every time I introduce myself, it’s always a relief to other people because my name is easy to remember and I’ve got the famous Justin Bieber to be associated. Michael, Susan, Holly, James – they are all common and simple too. These names not only are clear, but according to Laram and company’s study, the “easy-to-pronounce names are evaluated more positively”.

Naturally positive occurring names have many implications. For one, people with simple names will have finer life opportunities. They’ll be evaluated more positively at work and first impressions towards them will be better than people with names like Suozzi.

You may think that simple names are too generic, where’s the uniqueness and fun in naming a child? I know some names that are simple yet unusual, like Caspar and Ivo. Caution though, having a too strange could hurt the owner of the name because it’s odd for the society. We are followers of society, which parents should have accepted already.

When I hear names like Placenta or Gaye Males, I pity the name but not the child. It’s not the choice of the child, but he or she will be affected by their labels. There are many labels that society imposed on the child right before they are born. Race is a label, and being White or Hispanic has an indelible impact on the life of the person. However, name is a label parents can control. I think parents should take more time in deciding what name they would bestow.

What name would you give or have given to your child?

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The name-pronunciation effect: Why people like Mr. Smith more than Mr. Colquhoun; Journal of Experimental Social Psychology

Opinions are free but not all are worth listening to.

Simon Cowell, Opinionated, Opinionated people, people talking, harsh opinion, judgement and criticism, proper conversations

Simon Cowell, Opinionated. Photo from

An acquaintance and I were nearing the parking area of a mall. The parking is a vast open space of compacted cars in a busy day. We went around through first corner but couldn’t find a spot for the car. The driver drove another round in the same corner two more times but still, we found no vacancy.

“Why don’t we try over there?” I told him. We were driving around the same loop when there are more possible parking spaces if we stretched further the parking lot. He refused, saying it’s the same over there.

How’d you know, we haven’t been there yet?!! I yelled at him in my thoughts. We went around again until he succumbed and drove further inside the parking. I was right, there was vacant slot for the car’s parking over there.

Let’s not miss the important thing – I was right! Nah, but even though I knew I was right I tried not to argue. Winning over an argument will only make the driver have a negative attitude towards me. However, if there’s a pill for open-mindedness I’ll sponsor him supply for a year.

It is one of the many situations I encounter people verbalizing their opinions based on nothing. Situations change, so you cannot assert that you know what’s there or you know what’s happening like you’re the oracle expert. Opinions are good, but at least base it on something.

Take this example: you bought a new acoustic guitar and someone says it won’t last a week with you. That is a stupid opinion because (a) you don’t really know how long it will last, (b) you criticized, intentionally or unintentionally, the owner – that he can’t take care of his possessions especially a guitar he loved or loved to learn and (c) the opinionated person is being superlative and negative.

If your opinion is neither constructive nor good in nature, just don’t say it at all. It’ll make the other person feel worse. Also, it is better to say that the guitar won’t last a week because you had the same brand and the wood used is shabby, ask if he can still exchange it to other guitar brands. It sounds better because then the opinion is based on personal experience. Opinions with basis are the ones with substance.

What opinions based on nothing have you received?

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