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What if you get a million dollars but only for a day..

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A Single Parent’s Life in the post It’s Just A Bag disclosed that if she had the money to last a life time, she wouldn’t spend much on a bag. What if you DO have the money, on which things would you spend it with? And how about having the chunks of money for only day, and the succeeding days you’ll be back to normal. What things would you want to have for those succeeding days?

Here’s what I’m doing.

I’m buy a Europe travel guide and book a one month Eurotrip! This is how one of my evenings will look like:

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I’ll deposit the payment for all the air transfers, tours and classy hotels with breakfast. The only thing I’ll have to worry then is lunch and dinner. I’ll add five of my friends and pay all their expenses so our gang was complete with spacious room for adventures.

A rough overestimation would be $10,000 per person, so $60,000 for five of us.

Then I’ll grab a house and pay in advance for a solar panel build to free myself of the electricity bill burden. The house I’m eyeing is valued at 585,000. Solar panel installation reportedly costs $70,000 at its height.

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I’ll donate $200,000 to charity simply because I have nothing better to spend it with. And the remaining is for Vegas baby. Wouldn’t let this day pass without any fun! And who knows, I could lure more fortune.

It is actually hard to decide what you can spend on a day with a million dollars. I could easily buy a fancy painting, except I appreciate art in any value. Other than travel, that which I wanted most right now, I would go for house and charity. Of course, fun should be in that day so there’s Las Vegas.

How would you spend a million in a day?

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It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the bag is, all bags have the same main function.

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First of all, I’m a guy so I’ll never understand sacrificing huge amount of money on a bag. I mean, it is just a bag. It doesn’t do much other than storage of stuff. You may perhaps find me eyeing a car but it is more understandable because (a) you know the production is costly, and (b) it is for convenience and safety purposes as opposed to public transportation where there is risk of being robbed, holdapped, kidnapped, and any other criminal acts.

Consider this situation: your pregnant sister visits you at home and suddenly her water broke and has to deliver a baby. How will you get to the hospital? Let’s say you can’t find a taxi, will you take the train? A bus? Of course not. You’ll value the safety of your sister and her baby so a car helps. I don’t think a bag can help you get a pregnant baby into the delivery room, nor will it save a life of a person.

I remember my professor in economics (which is by the way, one of the more handy courses I’ve had), saying that she’ll never buy a costly handbag. It is because the idea was crazy, and she prefers bringing a backpack. It is more convenient. You use two shoulders instead of one so there is even weight on both shoulders, which saves your posture. More importantly, you could fit so much more in a backpack.

From what I’m seeing, women’s bags are used as a statement of style and/or fortune. You inform people without verbally claiming that you can afford those bags, and you feel somewhat superior, a satisfying feed of attention.

If you like it, you like it. I should respect that; but I will always think that it is ridiculous to spend $31000, $18000 or even $1600 on a bag. Don’t care what brand that is, fact remains that it is just a bag.

Could you explain to me other reasons why people buy high-end bags?

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The next iPhone, PlayStation, Xbox – we’re always tuned in the upgrade.

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There’s so much hype with these next generation of gadgets that people are prompted to spawn websites that will gather all the buzz like PS4Forums, or the creation of these cool but sappy concepts.

I remember myself being a new gadget patron back in the era of Nokia. It is so clever of Nokia to not include all the cool features in one cellphone so as to keep their new products interesting with the new collaboration of features. And being a victim of the pitch, I almost always want and buy the new releases of Nokia phones.

But then I learned, upon fatuous spending of thousands on cellphones, that I can’t match the progression of technology. Even if I got the latest gadget right now, it won’t last until the release of the successor or the release of a better product from competitors.

If you plan to chase technology, then you have lost. Invention and innovation will not wait for you, whether you are ready to purchase financially or not. These companies will think of profit and competition, so they’ll keep on releasing better gadgets that will surpass the majority to provide leeway for the prodigal to boast their “coolness”.

The thing is, you just enjoy what you have now. What if these companies released a newer product? You still have your iPhone 4 that still will function as a phone and as an “iPhone”; or you still have your PlayStation 3 and an indubitably great selection of games to enjoy.

These companies can only offer a new product, but I honestly think that it is us who knows how to savor our life and all our possessions. Don’t let these new gizmo make you think the way their companies are thinking.

What gadget got you upgrading with the latest?

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