Robots are smart, encouraging, and supportive; like humans.

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From Forbes’ Technology Is “Almost Human,” Children Say,

Children “imagined robots would be socially successful because they were smart. The children also imagined robots that were better versions of their parents and teachers and offered them limitless time and patience. Conversely, they envisioned robots as being machines that would take on boring tasks so the children have more time for interesting pursuits.

“Robots support and encourage, but don’t judge. They don’t run into scheduling conflicts, and they certainly don’t ostracize kids for wrong answers or unconventional thinking.”

This is how children think of the robots in the future – our replacement. They desired better versions of us. These robots can do all the service that friends and parents give to children, but at the same time eradicate all the impatience, judgment, moral teachings and the negative attributes they think a human person has.

Technology is moving towards a future the children wanted. Digital books and online schooling are already replacing educators. Online but solitary gaming in Tablets and Smartphones replaced games that would’ve been fun played with other children. And with virtual assistance like Siri, they’ll have someone to talk to.

But the good and bad of human interaction helps a child’s personality development. They won’t get sympathy and emotions with machines. If we let the children to rule, they’ll grow up to produce robots that will cater to their offspring.

What makes you better than a robot?

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