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See a live concert through your phone’s screen?

Camera View, Camera crowd in concert, video HD recording in concerts, camera rule in concerts, blue smartphone

Photo from Fredrik Smedenborn

HD video recording is almost in every smartphone now. I believe the one in iPhone is among the best, with 8 Megapixel capture embedded in their elaborate light capturing technology. With only a clutch from our pockets, we can capture movie-like scenes.

A pitfall I see is people tend to use it extensively, and for the wrong purpose. In a recent Pyro Olympics that I’ve been to, people everywhere just shoot the entire show in their phones. Accounts of an eagle-eye told me they mostly watch the fireworks gleam against the Cimmerian sky through the small rectangular screen of their phone or camera. Their view is very limited, and they miss out the entirety of exaggerated lights show. I call it a camera view.

Another instance is in a concert. People just record it all; perhaps YouTube is a reinforcement. I went to the concert to loosen up, jump, wave, scream for the artist and all those fanatical liveliness. People recording missed that hella of fun. Sometimes they do jump and scream while recording, which only messed up the video so why bother then?

That’s the way I see video cameras. It is best for familial moments, or moments dear to us like our first born, graduation, or a legendary outing with friends. It saved us the bulk of VHS recording of the past and gave us the ease of digital sharing.

What’s your view on this?

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PhotoLedger: Fascination Strike – Lightning

Among the best videos in YouTube.

Wonderful. Beautiful. Amazing. Great videos on the internet, best YouTube videos, sail, people, art of cycling, perfectly cute animals

What A Wonderful World

The title said it all. It’s a wonderful world we live in, so we better experience the most out of it.

Beautiful Life

This treasury of stately clips is a reminder of an adventurer’s bucket list.

People ARE Amazing

Amazing is an understatement of what we are capable of doing.

Add your favorite YouTube video below!

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It’s crazy how PhotoShop can alter a person’s appearance.

Deceitful Digital Enhancements, extreme face photoshop before and after, photoshop face and body enhancement, young old blond woman before and after

Photo from

Photoshop is digital’s gift of enhancement. Photos are now easier to save. Got a bad lighting then adjust brightness. Restore your grandma’s pictures and prolong the memory. Even pose with Egypt’s pyramids, Africa’s cats or Palau’s sea of jellyfish without crossing any border. All possible, believable, thanks to Adobe.

It’s an aide to enticing posters, invitations and all. Remember seeing a puffy burger from the menu, but the actual one you’ve got was half its size? The photoshopped burger made you buy it, but really deceptive. It served most, if not all businesses and individuals too.

It’s a fun and fulfilling software to peruse. It’s magical how pimples disappear within seconds, graying hair re-colored, and fat trimmed. A few of that enhancements are acceptable, but to render you to look a different person isn’t neat. It’s not you anymore.

What’s the most editing you did in a photo?

Lightning is fascinating

Fascination Strike - Lightning, best lightning photo, favorite lightning photo, cool lightning, lightning caught in camera, best lightning, stunning lightning, deadly and dangerous lightning, lightning caught on camera, great shot on lightning, wrath of nature

Photo from Milosz1’s flickr

I know some people dislikes it, and the dominating turbulent sound that comes with it. Sometimes you can anticipate its strike, but sometimes it just creeps you out without due warning. It’s feels like a giant is in a wrath.

It was normal to dislike it. After all, it can kill. Out of our instinct to live, we simply wanted to veer out of anything that kills.

Call me strange but I really like having lightning around. I like having storms around. I know it’s uncool to see people affected by typhoons, and that I don’t fancy. But lightning gives me thrill, and I really like thrilling experiences that makes me shout out I’m alive!

Even blackouts the lightning caused are tolerably a good thing. Every time it happens, it feels like a different kind of living without electricity. And that’s when I appreciate simplicity of life for a while.

Lightning is part of nature, and I like nature so it makes sense to me. And lightning is a good subject in photos. It’s a challenge to capture since it comes and goes within fracture of a second.

What do you feel about lightning?

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You would think the night prior to a wedding day is exclusively nerve-wrecking for women; but that was wrong thinking.

An Anxious Groom, Groom Aghast, Wedding day changes men, man wedding, man marriage, Man's Moment to Think, wedding day changes man mentally, A Man Cry, man cries on wedding day, wedding changes men emotionally, man's tears of joy

Photos from imageafter; Luis Avilesortiz’s flickr

Men are also susceptible to the feeling of wedding day anxiousness in unabridged immense kind. It can be a life-altering day, where change is even more keen for men given these three facets:


A man becomes a groom. He actually dressed up himself to look presentable. With the exception to the conceited ones, men rarely gives a damn to what he wears, more so to plan it. It is said that there are only two situations in which men dresses up – in funeral and in his wedding. So this is one of the two.


A bachelor thinking is selfish thinking. He takes an activity with monetary gain and he only does whatever he wants in his free time, as the moment goes by. Sports, video games, and list of hot women are things you would see should you have a chance to know what is inside a man’s mind. But on his wedding day, he thought of a life decision. It is this day that he would swear in front of a minister to live with one woman, forever. Well, these thoughts visit a man’s mind only once in a while. And from that day on, his selfish thinking was bashed and changed into mutual thinking – he now thinks of the girl he marries and their future together.


On wedding days, men admit having feelings – love. They profess to have loved a woman, some even cry on wedding days. On every normal day, men pretend to have their feelings nonexistent. It shows robust masculinity to be unperturbed by emotions.

Unspoken but true, a wedding day is a noble and novel experience for men. Grooms, do you agree?

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