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Cheap on labor, excessive on endorsement.

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An elegant, dandy pair of Nike shoes would cost you around $70 to $150. Little did the public know that the production cost, meaning the materials, machinery, and rent that Nike spend in making a pair of shoe, is just $12. More intriguingly, the labor was just $2.75, or just 4% of the money the customers pay for a shoe with a check sign.

Workers in the production factory really earn a little percentage, and quite frankly are underpaid.

Most of the cost of the shoes came from advertisements. Tiger Woods, for instance, was paid $20 Million to promote the Nike golf division alone. In 2006, Nike spent $476 Million to get star-studded promotion of their shoes.

This engagement does not only apply to Nike. Before buying the Shape Ups Skechers shoes Kim Kardashian promotes, think of how much the noted Kardashian milks you some money. Just think of the workers who actually WORK and put together the materials to offer comfort for your feet and how they should get the percentage more. And think of how many hungry people will be fed, out of out-of-school children be educated, and millions of lives be improved when these shoe-makers’ cost of advertisement are focused on providing support for them.

Do they really need advertisements? People already know that Nike makes shoes, so why spend millions on promoting it more? We only have a pair of feet. Everytime we buy more than necessary, remember the children who travel to school using worn-out slippers or barefoot across rocky terraces and cross a river, even rivers.

Do you need a celebrity do endorse your shoes?

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Developers must really hate our computer mouse. 

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First, tablets dismiss clicking and transforms into tapping directly on the screen. Then, they wanted to eradicate the use of hands altogether and make use of our stark eyes to navigate on our computer.

Tobii, a swedish company, instituted the technology of eye tracking. With just the movement of your eyes, you can switch from surfing the internet to organizing your personal files. You could watch the demo video in Use Your Eyes Instead Of A Mouse.

I get it. It is really cool and futuristic. All they want us to do is sit in our computer and let our eyes do the work. Computer then will even be more boring. They are completely inducing people to be alone since it is a problem when two people are looking in one screen. Personal computers will indeed be per person.

I think it is also leeway to further laziness in humanity. And since you move your eyes, you are putting more pressure on your two precious eyeballs, leading to an increased potential eyestrain.

I think there’s nothing wrong with my mouse. I can stick to it. And I like using my hands. But this technology is useful for people with hand problems, such as tremors, or disabilities.

Are you ready to let go of your computer mouse?

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