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Audience screams, cheers, and reacts to athletes’ performance; and athletes make mistakes when they think about it.

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Several athletes in the Olympics perfect their moves over years but they make mistakes on the day of show. It happens to the most of us. We prepare for a long time but on the exact time we should perform, we gag and choke. We make mistakes we have never committed when we are practicing. This is a familiar feeling to athletes because eyes are on them in every sporting event.

The source of the blunder is when athletes started thinking of their own movements instead of relying on their body’s motor capabilities. Overthinking can intervene with concentration and performance of motor tasks.

For the athletes who aren’t used to the pressure of an audience yet, squeezing a ball or clenching a hand may help. According to the new research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, doing so before the competition will activate certain parts of the brain.

But it has to be the left hand. In the study, right handed athletes who squeezed a ball using the left hand have lower chances of choking than right handed athletes who squeezed a ball using the right hand. This may be due to the system of our brain’s supervision, where the right brain controls the left part of our body – the side of the brain that directs automated and instinctive behaviors.

The idea is to distract athletes from thinking. “Athletes usually perform better when they trust their bodies rather than thinking too much about their own actions or what their coaches told them during practice”, said Juergen Beckmann, PhD, chair of sport psychology at the Technical University of Munich in Germany.

This technique may also be applied outside athletics, especially in pressing situations.

Do you think this will work for you?

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Don’t you get curious to try the Olympic sports you don’t know?

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The London Olympics 2012 opening ceremony was relatable. We’ve seen our favorite writers and characters in literature and their colossal contribution as well as the authentic music that resonates classic. They enacted the story of how Britain became Great that it is today. Not only was it visually appearing, but the extravagance was in the familiarity of their ceremony.

Sports can bring the world closer. In the biggest sporting event, the world was tuned in for the sports we love, for the athletes that represent us and for the parade of countries with fancy names. People from different background and budget have the same four years of preparation for this competition. It was a thrill to see how they would amount against each other.

Not all the sports in the Olympics are known to us but we still watch it. After watching these sports and seeing the schedule of the rest of the 2012 Olympics, there is a certain spirit in me that was enflamed too. Suddenly, these sports looked incentive and I’d want to learn the skills in playing it.

Equestrian. The art of horse riding. I’ve tried horse riding before and it was easy; but maybe it was an overestimation because the horse just walked around, I never get to make him run no matter how hard I imitate a horse’s sound in effort to talk to him. And yeah, I want a photo of myself in costume while riding a horse too.

Sailing. I thought sailing was just for relaxation and getaway off the city. I don’t live near the coast and I would like to check this out as I expand my skills to the sea – surfing and diving as well.

Beach Volleyball. Whenever I go to the beach, I do nothing. Those are great moments but I can nest some excitement in it too. It’ll be fun to hit and smash something.

What Olympic sports you’d like to try out? (List of Summer 2012 Olympic Sports)

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