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People say that the prime of today’s technology is always laughable for the future’s citizen of the world.

In the earlier times, I mean way earlier, it is magical to see yourself in paper. To take a photograph, you need to pose for whole 8 hours in front of a box as bulky as your grandmother’s cabinet. And the photograph will fade soon after, waving goodbye to 8 hours of smiling. That is their breakthrough technology; and now we just hope all the photos people post online will fade all at once, and never appear again.

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Camera Obscura. Photo from

Today, June 2012, we see what’s coming in the future’s technological facet. Thanks to the hints of the industry and company players, we have the glimpse of what’s coming ahead. This is just to remind us that what we could have today will be childish compared to what they’ll release in the future.

Cars gone auto and gasless. I know automatic cars are rampant in our roads, but automatic is not the apt name for it. I call this new one automatic automatic car because it’s beyond our definition of automatic car. Google named it Google’s self-driving car. It’s a car that drives on its own, powered by computer that is programmed to know traffic rules and human behavior. Okay, goodluck with human behavior but someday, dads won’t need to drive their son to soccer game because their car is on self-drive.

A month ago, Nevada became the first state that approved operation of Google’s self-drive car. They have a red license plate and a Greek infinity symbol so people know and they won’t freak out upon seeing that no one’s driving it.

There are a few gasless cars available for purchase now; but as long as gas aren’t depleted, we won’t see it taking over. However, when car makers produce more gasless cars than the usual gas-dependent, people would turn to it. It’s cheaper and it’s environment friendly. Electric cars are on the move, oxygen powered are in development and even cars turn invisible with hydrogen fuel.

Cloud services for all. Yesterday, I got myself a Nokia Lumia 900. Unlike the iPhone and the rest of smartphones, it only comes in 16GB. It made the price cheaper and constant, but it doesn’t mean the memory is compromised. It is embedded with Microsoft’s SkyDrive where you store your music, videos, photos and documents in your online hard drive. Your phone will simultaneously sync to it whenever you need to access your files, say you want to listen to Dave Matthews Band. In turn, my phone’s memory is wide as the sky.

Apple also has its cloud services, called iCloud that syncs all your files to all your iOS devices. Add to that, there are emerging cloud storage services like Dropbox or JustCloud. External and internal hard drives will be needless in the future; and this cloud service will also travel to gaming consoles like Xbox Live.

Microsoft Surface, windows 8, microsoft comeback, microsoft tablet, microsoft vs apple

Microsoft Surface. Photo from

Kicking and screaming Windows. Windows Phone came out and it’s rocking. The software is creative and beautiful. If you have common sense, you won’t need any support for it because it’s user friendly. Android is still number one, followed by iOS; but according to market analysts at IDC, the new player Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iOS market share by 2016, Google’s Android will remain the top spot but will drop to 52.9 % share.

Microsoft also announced Surface. When iPad and the resembling tablets teared our eyes for the futuristic device, we soon realized that it doesn’t do much. It is cool and portable but it cannot replace the functionality of a Laptop. Now with the upcoming Microsoft Surface, tablet and laptop are fused as one – and the crossover looks promising. But I’m shooting here, we can’t say any more until we’ve tried one with our own hands.

Transparent TV, futuristic TV, sony's transparent tv, living room lcd tv

Transparent TV. Photo from

“Find me” – TV. Television has a history full of gimmicks. It started with black and white, then they put some colors, and then full colors. It has gone bigger and bigger to slimmer and slimmer. They added an extra dimension with 3DTV, and now the SmartTV, where you can go online and chat while watching football.

The latest they have is a transparent TV. You can’t easily see it because it’s transparent until you turn it on, or you bump into it.

Never say charge. You hate charging right? Cellphones can go off at the best time you needed it. You can’t find an outlet or you didn’t bring your charger but you need to call your brother to bring you a sponge, so what are you gonna do? In the future, we may never have to re-charge our devices again. Nokia’s developers are working on a prototype that uses radio waves to charge your phone even when it’s resting. And radio waves are just in the air, so our phones will never ran out of battery.

There is a technology that is called wireless power technology. It transmits electrons between two coils without the need of wires. That means, we can charge our devices wirelessly.

Which technology looks promising to you?

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Wireless power could revolutionize highway transportation, researchers say; PHYS ORG

The next iPhone, PlayStation, Xbox – we’re always tuned in the upgrade.

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Photo from

There’s so much hype with these next generation of gadgets that people are prompted to spawn websites that will gather all the buzz like PS4Forums, or the creation of these cool but sappy concepts.

I remember myself being a new gadget patron back in the era of Nokia. It is so clever of Nokia to not include all the cool features in one cellphone so as to keep their new products interesting with the new collaboration of features. And being a victim of the pitch, I almost always want and buy the new releases of Nokia phones.

But then I learned, upon fatuous spending of thousands on cellphones, that I can’t match the progression of technology. Even if I got the latest gadget right now, it won’t last until the release of the successor or the release of a better product from competitors.

If you plan to chase technology, then you have lost. Invention and innovation will not wait for you, whether you are ready to purchase financially or not. These companies will think of profit and competition, so they’ll keep on releasing better gadgets that will surpass the majority to provide leeway for the prodigal to boast their “coolness”.

The thing is, you just enjoy what you have now. What if these companies released a newer product? You still have your iPhone 4 that still will function as a phone and as an “iPhone”; or you still have your PlayStation 3 and an indubitably great selection of games to enjoy.

These companies can only offer a new product, but I honestly think that it is us who knows how to savor our life and all our possessions. Don’t let these new gizmo make you think the way their companies are thinking.

What gadget got you upgrading with the latest?

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