Lightning is fascinating

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Photo from Milosz1’s flickr

I know some people dislikes it, and the dominating turbulent sound that comes with it. Sometimes you can anticipate its strike, but sometimes it just creeps you out without due warning. It’s feels like a giant is in a wrath.

It was normal to dislike it. After all, it can kill. Out of our instinct to live, we simply wanted to veer out of anything that kills.

Call me strange but I really like having lightning around. I like having storms around. I know it’s uncool to see people affected by typhoons, and that I don’t fancy. But lightning gives me thrill, and I really like thrilling experiences that makes me shout out I’m alive!

Even blackouts the lightning caused are tolerably a good thing. Every time it happens, it feels like a different kind of living without electricity. And that’s when I appreciate simplicity of life for a while.

Lightning is part of nature, and I like nature so it makes sense to me. And lightning is a good subject in photos. It’s a challenge to capture since it comes and goes within fracture of a second.

What do you feel about lightning?

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