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Other than having answers in our homeworks and exams, here are the practical uses of math.

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General Math

Where else do you use math? It’s obvious, isn’t it? In MONEY. I remember as a student, I used math to know when my savings will amount to a Billabong board short by keeping part of my allowance. Math is just used in receiving money, and paying with money. It makes your investment be in the proper ground and helps you buy the right insurance. And it feels good to see numbers are added ardently in your bank every salary day.

Math guides shoppers by knowing the costs of different products and getting the best deal. Some people also estimate the cost of all items they have in their tray when shopping. Math makes sense when there’s SALE, even though regardless of the discount, anything on sale is a hot signal.

There is also mathematics in cooking. Try preparing a single plate of salad and put two cups of Caesar dressing. Perhaps you’ll complain that the dressing is too much. The amount of your ingredients must depend on each other – that’s is ratio and proportion.

Lastly, counting is math. Whether you count the days leading to your vacation or counting sheep to sleep, math is used my friend.


Arnold caught 16 flies in a week. Every week he plans to increase his flies by 5. How many flies will he have in one month? When these kinds of dilemmas happened to you in real life, you’d be thankful that you have learned Algebra. Other than that, you use this when you became an Engineer, Scientist, Economist, Accountant, Mathematician, or Math Tutor.


Are you probable to win the lotto? Possibly, you have a 1 in 175 Million chance of winning – and that’s the concept of probability. You also use probability to know which side you are more likely to win in a bet. Is it probable that you’ll remember and use probability equations in those circumstances? Not really though. But taking a guess in multiple choice exam is an application of statistics. You just gave yourself a 25% chance of getting the correct answer, whether you know it or not. Statistics will then be your life if you are a Researcher, National Statistics Office employee, Businessman, Economist, Mathematician, or Math Tutor.


It’s a fortunate event that you’ve studied geometry so that you know more varying shapes, other than box, circle and heart.

Geometry teaches you some properties of space. Like example, if my ice cream cone would fit inside my wallet is taken care of this branch of mathematics. Other than the absurd idea of why would you do that, it should have been taken care of common sense.

Geometry also takes credit on measurements. For instance, you can apply the pythagorean theorem to know the shortest way to go to one place. Even angles are given too much focus on this area; so bowling is applied geometry (again, knowingly or unknowingly!).

Geometry is for Architects, Carpenters, Designers, Mathematicians, and Math Tutors.


Ah, the study of triangles. The only way I could think that this area of math could have helped you is if you are a Trigonometry Professor, Mathematician, or Math Tutor.


Any branch of science where solution is achieved through complex mathematical operations is where calculus is used, apart from Mathematician and Math Tutor.

More than all of that, it is the logical thinking we have acquired from studying math.

Where else did you use math?

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You would think the night prior to a wedding day is exclusively nerve-wrecking for women; but that was wrong thinking.

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Men are also susceptible to the feeling of wedding day anxiousness in unabridged immense kind. It can be a life-altering day, where change is even more keen for men given these three facets:


A man becomes a groom. He actually dressed up himself to look presentable. With the exception to the conceited ones, men rarely gives a damn to what he wears, more so to plan it. It is said that there are only two situations in which men dresses up – in funeral and in his wedding. So this is one of the two.


A bachelor thinking is selfish thinking. He takes an activity with monetary gain and he only does whatever he wants in his free time, as the moment goes by. Sports, video games, and list of hot women are things you would see should you have a chance to know what is inside a man’s mind. But on his wedding day, he thought of a life decision. It is this day that he would swear in front of a minister to live with one woman, forever. Well, these thoughts visit a man’s mind only once in a while. And from that day on, his selfish thinking was bashed and changed into mutual thinking – he now thinks of the girl he marries and their future together.


On wedding days, men admit having feelings – love. They profess to have loved a woman, some even cry on wedding days. On every normal day, men pretend to have their feelings nonexistent. It shows robust masculinity to be unperturbed by emotions.

Unspoken but true, a wedding day is a noble and novel experience for men. Grooms, do you agree?

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Unnecessary Technological Upgrades
Loath these Laws

These website names sound wrong.

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As a blogger, the first most crucial decision I make is coming up with a proper domain name. The name defines the website. It is the face of our content that which we hope will entice visitors. The importance of choosing the apt and fitting name is paramount – it is like forming a first impression with our site. And first impressions almost always last.

Discover these domain names that are deviant to what is intended. I find a little affection with these website domain names, but mostly I find it funny. Although some are really horrible; like the first entry – the charity’s name is children’s laughter but..

Intended Name: Children’s Laughter
Read As: Children Slaughter

Intended Name: Pen Island
Reas As: Penis Land

Intended Name: Therapist Finder
Reas As: The Rapist Finder

Intended Name: IHA Vegas
Reas As: I Have Gas

Intended Name: Mac Home
Reas As: Macho Me

Intended Name: Speed Of Art
Reas As: Speedo Fart

Intended Name: Pots Of Art
Reas As: Pot So Fart

Intended Name: Mole Station Nursery
Reas As: Molestation Nursery

Intended Name: Beatles Hits
Reas As: Beatle Shits

Intended Name: Les Bocages
Reas As: Lesbo Cages

Intended Name: Black Hat Ebook
Reas As: Black Hate Book

Intended Name: Master Bait Online
Reas As: Masterbait Online

Intended Name: Ferreth And Jobs
Reas As: Ferreth Hand Jobs

Which is the silliest?

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Meanwhile, there is awkwardness in elevators.

Video: The 10 Most Common Awkward Moments on Elevators

Can you relate?

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 Japanese lawmakers can jail a citizen whose waistline goes beyond 35.4 inches.

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A new law in Japan can jail people when their waistline went above 33.5 inches for males and 35.4 inches for females. Although the intent was good – aiming for a fitter and healthier race, its passing into a law is still bizarre.

In accordance to that, I have listed a few of world’s laws that are strangely appearing:

House of Parliament, England, ridiculous funny law in england, tourist spot in England, UK, tourism in England, Traveling in Europe

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You don’t die in the House of Parliament in England. Sorry, it’s the law.

Homosexuals in Singapore, law restriction in singapore, gay people are not allowed in Singapore, gay commercial ad

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However, if you are a homosexual living in Singapore, you are not allowed to live. So it’s okay to die.

Guy Skirt, law against men wearing girl's clothes, forbidden to wear skirts for men in Italy

Photo from Malingering’s flickr

No worries homosexuals in Italy, you may live. But you can’t wear a skirt.

I See These Whales, the forbidden whale seeing, law in England about whales, whale seeing, jumping whale out of the water, giant blue whale

Photo from matthew_hull’s morgueFile

If you find a whale on the British coast, good for you! But you only get to keep the body. The Royal Prerogative 1324 gives rights to the royal family – a dead whale’s head belongs to the King while the tail for the Queen!

A Bear in a Beach, bears forbidden in Israel beach, Polar bears, endangered polar bear, polar bear in water, cute animals

Photo form Su Neko’s flickr

Talking of animal-human interaction laws, bringing bears in any beach of Israel is forbidden.

A Forbidden Kiss in european train, romantic kissing in the escalator, us against the world, couple in the train, France law

Photo from Pedro Ribeiro Simões’ flickr

Hold on! You can’t kiss here. French and English train stations forbids kissing.

Starting-A-Car Frustration, law against anger in driving, woman's car problems, car repair hassle, shiny red car

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Well, in Denmark you can kiss. But before you start your car, you have to check your lights, brakes, steering, and then honk your car.

Flush It, toilet flushing law forbidden, Quiet the Toilet, law forbidden toilet flushing, restroom design, clean toilet, white toilet, convenient toilet in public

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Not flushing a toilet in Singapore costs $100, so always double check! On the contrary, it is illegal to flush your toilet after 10PM in Switzerland.

Dare Defy My Majic Wand? law forbidden use of magic, witchcraft painting, making a potion, witch's and wizard's wand, brewing chemicals, sorcery

Pretending to know witchcraft or any sort will imprison you in Ireland.

Chinese Graduates, law of chinese government, chinese reading books and magazines, Chinese intelligence, Chinese schools, college and universities

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So you want to go to college. But there’s one rule – you have to be intelligent. Yup, no room for dumb college students in China.

As Long as You're in Underwear, You're Good, models in underwear in mall, male model underwear, wearing underwear is required by law, naked outside

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You can’t leave your house without an underwear. That’s how much they love underwears in Thailand.

Shut Your Mouth, law against speaking, shouting in the woods, echo, scream when no one is around and nobody can hear, release, catharsis

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Shit! I can’t shout offensive words in the Mexican public.

Video games are banned, Video games not allowed in Greece, PlayStation Xbox and nintendo banned in greece, red vs black color of controller dualshock

Photo from joo0ey’s flickr

Electronic games in Greece are banned.

Gun and Horse in Action, prisoners free in law, cool poster, cowboy in a hat and horse pointing a gun

Photo from Wbs 70’s flickr

Oh Canada! It is mandated for ex-prisoners to be given a handgun, bullets, and horse. Apparently, you need these things just to get out of town.

Jump Shot of Prisoner Escapees, happy to escape prison, wanted pictures, men in prison, inmates, law allows escape of prisoners, watching the inmates, guards

Photo from Son of Groucho’s flickr

In Denmark, you don’t wait to be an ex-prisoner, for it is legal to escape. It is however illegal to get caught. The penalty: you finish your term in prison.

Ashtray is Deadly according to law, dirty ashtray, dangerous ashtray, old ashtray

Photo from Lenny Montana’s flickr

So what will keep you in prison? An ashtray. Turned out it is a deadly weapon for French lawmakers.

Which law is the most ridiculous?

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