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Ironing is not boring at all, just make it extreme.

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Burnishing an electronically heated flat pan of iron to make your garments unwrinkled – boring! You don’t just stand there. Hey hit-or-miss idea, why not iron your clothes in a zoo, or between pushups, or while hula hooping, or free falling at 53 m/s like this guy.

Extreme Ironing Skydive, extreme sports, awkward absurd things to do in air, cool dive iron clothes while free falling

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Or underwater. Right after you wash it, all the while defying the science of electricity. Just don’t let it dry up.

Extreme Ironing Underwater, underwater trip, awesome ironing of clothes, young man tries to iron wet clothes under water

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Or even bring your friends, yeah! Ironing sessions, that’s very masculine.

Extreme Ironing Underwater with Friends, group manly ironing sessions, masculine works, ironing water diving

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Or at your wedding? It’s a long day, don’t judge.

Extreme Ironing at Wedding, ridiculous funny wedding couple photo, wacky wedding, ironing wedding dress, smile couple

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Or make James Franco in 127 Hours look lame.

Extreme Ironing between Rocks, cool awesome dude ironing, topless man ironing, adventurers iron clothes, white iron

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Or while leading a skiing squad.

Extreme Ironing Skii, ironing at cold snow, awesome and wicked extreme sports, snow dancing while ironing, speeding in the snow while ironing

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Or on the edge of the world. A peaceful place to iron, everybody needs that.

Extreme Ironing on Mountaintop, cool place to do iron clothes, man ironing white clothes, mountain view, windy ironing clothes

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If it hasn’t dawned on you, Extreme Ironing is a sport. Yeah it’s a real thing, google it!

How extreme can you iron your clothes?

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See a live concert through your phone’s screen?

Camera View, Camera crowd in concert, video HD recording in concerts, camera rule in concerts, blue smartphone

Photo from Fredrik Smedenborn

HD video recording is almost in every smartphone now. I believe the one in iPhone is among the best, with 8 Megapixel capture embedded in their elaborate light capturing technology. With only a clutch from our pockets, we can capture movie-like scenes.

A pitfall I see is people tend to use it extensively, and for the wrong purpose. In a recent Pyro Olympics that I’ve been to, people everywhere just shoot the entire show in their phones. Accounts of an eagle-eye told me they mostly watch the fireworks gleam against the Cimmerian sky through the small rectangular screen of their phone or camera. Their view is very limited, and they miss out the entirety of exaggerated lights show. I call it a camera view.

Another instance is in a concert. People just record it all; perhaps YouTube is a reinforcement. I went to the concert to loosen up, jump, wave, scream for the artist and all those fanatical liveliness. People recording missed that hella of fun. Sometimes they do jump and scream while recording, which only messed up the video so why bother then?

That’s the way I see video cameras. It is best for familial moments, or moments dear to us like our first born, graduation, or a legendary outing with friends. It saved us the bulk of VHS recording of the past and gave us the ease of digital sharing.

What’s your view on this?

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The moments people call it lucky.

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Photo from photoXpress

Alexandria Genesis, a superhuman. She was born with deep purple eyes, perfect vision, immune to all known diseases, never gained excess weight, her aging slowed down at 21. Others thrust it as a rare genetic disorder, even existence debated, but she’s lucky.

A California teen was struck by a train advancing at 45 miles per hour survived it, without any injuries. He’s lucky and miraculous.

Someone in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland are winners of $640M Lotto Jackpot. Though they ended our Mega Million fantasies, they’re lucky.

The luckiest I’ve got was when Katy Perry kissed me onstage in her concert. But then I woke up.

When are the times you call yourself lucky?

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Prepare for interview questions, but you can only anticipate so much.

Oddball Interview Questions & Answers, weird job interview, strange and stressful job interview, awesome and unique job interview questions, interviewing young people, new and recent grads graduates, serious interview, office setting, new company business

Photo from photoXpress

Being interviewed for a job is a thrilling experience. The first time I’ve had my chest is heavily pounding. You don’t know what questions the interviewer will ask you, and the strenuous task for you is to casually answer, as if in a normal conversation.

The ones I’ve had in the past are traditionalists. They started with asking me to describe myself, strength and weakness and the rest of those rehearsed questions. What is interesting then is to throw you a question that ought to be asked in a talk show.

I’m talking about the Oddball Interview Questions I’ve read from Yahoo! Apparently, interviewers ask questions like who would play you in a movie, which I find firm interest. For fun, I’d want to answer them, but they do not necessarily mean they are good responses in an interview.

Who would play you in a movie?

– Easy, Ryan Reynolds because I’m as buff. HAHA fine, I want Johnny Depp. He’s just incredible in so much roles he had. Viewers believed he’s a pirate, vampire, barber, tea party organizer and many more of his roles. I want his craft to liven up the role of me.

If you were an animal, which one you’d be?

– If I were an animal, I would be a Gull. I want the privelege to invade three territories – wander in land, drift in air and dive in the sea. I’ll have so many friends then so when I have an enemy, it’s easy to track him down. Plus, I’ll experience so much from the world.

What superhero powers you would want to possess?

– I want to read minds. I mean, some powers are attainable now by most people. You can fly via airplane, gulp gasoline and breath fire, or be invisible by not talking. But with cutting edge technology of today’s, no one can read exactly what’s on the person’s mind. That’ll be cool. I could read thoughts all day.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?

– If it’s on, I’m dead obviously so it has to be off. It seemed to be impossible to climb since it’s glass and you’ll just slide back. But I have one that’s so gruesome, yet clever. I’ll shit all over, and use it to spell H-E-L-P on the glass so giant people could recognize.

How you would survive on a desert island for 30 days?

– Do I have an iPhone? No? Because I could ask Siri to bring my chopper then. Kidding aside, I will need water at least to survive 30 days. If there’s zero reserves, I’ll improvise a boat. If there’s no material other than sand, then I’ll swim away. There’s no way you could survive 30 days in pure desert, so I’ll take the risk.

What you would do if you inherited a pizzeria

– This is a no-brainer. I’ll run it. But I think employers will be looking for resourcefulness here so I’ll increase word of mouth marketing by having free pizza party every Friday.

What are your answers?

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These excuses will help you get away.

Late for work and school, evading parents, escape the world, get away from work and school, out on weekday, time flies, counting time, checking time, look at my new watch

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We all tried to avoid a few dreaded situations; be it work, school, social gatherings, or parents. Perhaps we’re just lazy, which most of the time we are. Other times we felt insecure to attend or have something better to do like pick your white hairs, camp out up at an Apple store and daydream about your proposal.

That’s nice to get away situations you don’t feel comfortable. What’s not cool is to provide lame excuses. I’m talking about having diarrhea, futile alarm clocks, your dog ate your car keys or there’s a monster under your bed.  Let’s do better than that. Here are the best excuses you’ll ever encounter.

Crime Witness

I was just getting a coffee in Starbucks this morning and I saw a man opened a car in traffic, pulled out the driver and drove away, grand theft auto style. I’m one of the witnesses so the police had to interrogate me.

Why it will work: The law sided with you, so there’s no argument against that.

Airline’s Mistake

The airline booked me on the wrong date and the best time to fix it is as soon as possible to avoid further problems with seat availability.

Why it will work: This situation is time-dependent. Everyone knows that airline’s flight schedule would not depend on just one passenger, so it needs to be fixed rightaway.

Faucet to the Rescue

Got a text from my son. He left the faucet on at home so sorry I have to drift away.

Why it will work: They’ll get it, you want to save your house from becoming an aquarium, and save you from heart attack ensued by ceiling high water bills.

Medical Condition Maximized

I can’t breath right. Just had an asthma attack this morning. I think I’ll need to visit my physician if this doesn’t get better.

Why it will work: It is an extreme and unusual medical condition so it appears believable. Not all illness work. Good ones are asthma, hyperacidity and vertigo. Bad ones stomachache, headache, heartache and dead nails. Honorable ones are flu and sore eyes, because they are contagious.

Presence Warranted

My sister is getting an abortion and I’m the only person she can trust fully to be there. She needs my utmost presence, and I’m obliged to talk her out from doing it.

Why it will work: Though horrible it may seem to lie about, this works since you tried to save a person. Same goes with suicidal persons needing intervention.

Be sure you won’t be caught because when your boss found out you’ve just auditioned in American Idol, you just hope you got the positive ‘Yo’.

I know you have one, what’s your best excuse?

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