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Scars, moles, and extra nipples are all subject to cosmetic correction unless the owner regard them as beauty marks.

The popular notion of beauty is perfect all throughout, hair to heels. Makeup and cosmetics are invented for human’s need to conceal the perceived mess in their body, that is, the ‘imperfections’. But really, who defines a part of you as imperfect? These people are focused on camera but they won’t care:

Madonna’s teeth gap

Madonna's teeth gap, celebrity imperfections

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Kiefer Sutherland’s & Mila Kunis’s heterochromia (different eye colors)

Kiefer Sutherland's and Mila Kunis's heterochromia (different color of eyes), celebrity imperfections

Photo from

Kiefer Sutherland's and Mila Kunis's heterochromia (different color of eyes), celebrity imperfections

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Joaquin Phoenix’s lip scar

Joaquin Phoenix's lip scar, celebrity imperfections

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Mariah Carey’s facial mole

Mariah Carey's facial mole, celebrity imperfections

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Mark Wahlberg’s third nipple

Mark Wahlberg's third nipple, celebrity imperfections

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Mila Kunis could just wear matching contact lenses, or Mark Wahlberg could pay a doctor to scrape off his extra nipple. But they haven’t, and it shows that they are not ashamed to carry the ‘imperfections’ themselves. The tricky truth is, a perfect human has imperfections.

I love that these people didn’t succumbed to the demands of hypocritical beauty. I have a scar on my cheek. What imperfection in your body are you proud of?

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With stem cell therapy, 30 years could look like 20.

51 years old Lorraine, stemcell therapy and facelift defies aging of modern day, stemcell cosmetics, stemcell makes you look younger

51 years old Lorraine.

Meet Lorraine Giannotti. Listening to the way she talks, you would decide that she’s a sweet teenager girl – delicate like how a child would tell a story. Yeah, she sounds sweet, but she’s 51 on that photo. That shocked me as well!

She had a stemcell facelift, and she attribute that for clearing away the stresses that bagged her face. I guess we won’t see that face for long.

Stemcell has been clacking some news these previous years. The scientists will extract cells from an embryo, which is undifferentiated yet. Meaning, those cells can potentially turn into brain cells, organ linings, skin dermis or any other. In essence, if you inject stemcells to a blind person’s eyes, it may rebuild the dead cells needed for sight. It may also repair heart tendons, or improve immune system. It could be anything your body needed.

The promise is a heap of a deal, but these scientists will have to extract cells from an emerging life, thus killing a chance of living. Of course, Catholic Church will go nuts if they extract it from human life. I would go nuts too. To lessen the crime, they resort to animal embryo, mostly from sheep.

That’s the battle – kill one life to save another. This is also another validation that human beings are dominant among any other beings on earth, but does dominance grant us the power to exploit other life forms?

Now, stemcell slipped to cosmetics. If it is pasted or injected to your face, it’ll regenerate fresh and young skin cells, thus making you look younger. That’s another subject for debate. Should we just accept aging, or should we welcome the aid of breakthrough technologies?

Are we the same person afterwards?

Lorraine said that she doesn’t intend to change who she is but to enhance the person that she was. There’s no reformation of nose or thickening of lips, only the disruption of the natural turnover of life.

How long do you wish to stay and look young?

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Stemcell Facelift Testimonial – Lorraine; YouTube

Diet? Exercise? Recent scientific findings reveal more ways to drop the pounds.

Weight-loss Achieved, weight loss for men and women, goodbye fats, thin body, fit body, diet, exercise to weight loss, slimming, cute adorable couple, eating an apple, diet, new diet, diet in a relationship

Photo from photoXpress

We know the convention – diet and exercise will keep slashing your unwanted pounds. And now, we appreciate science more for they gave us findings that made it easier to be slimmer. Read these 5 recent scientific findings that combats the clingy fats in our body. Science is on our side, so we better win the weight-loss battle.

Writing loses weight.

It doesn’t take much calories to write, but actualizing our thoughts would help. A new psychological study led by Dr. Logel in University of Waterloo found that writing down the things we value most will lead to weight loss. In their study, those who wrote their most valued principles in religion, politics, or even their beloved choice of music, lost an average of 3.41 lbs; while those who wrote the values of other people, not their values, gained 2.76 lbs in average.

A pill replaces exercise.

A new drug has the same benefits of exercising – just minus the sweat and time. How does it work? The pill simply contains Irisin, a hormone triggered by exercising that promotes calorie burning and controls glucose level. Though I personally think this promotes unnecessary human laziness, it is mainly intended to people with obesity, diabetes and other diseases deemed them to be “weak patients”. Doctors from Harvard Medical School argues that it should not replace regular exercise. Real work out is good not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Garlic is a super food.

Hundreds of scientific publications are confirming that garlic has several medicinal benefits. More attractive to the weight-conscious, it reduces cholesterol by the action of its allicin component. To grasp the most benefits from it, slice or crush the garlic to stimulate an enzymatic process that makes it in its more active form. The outcome yields cardiovascular benefits, robust antibacterial properties and cancer prevention. However, you would like to leave it around 15 mins for the active compounds to form.

Eat fats during breakfast.

Science tells us to eat moderate amount of fats during breakfast. Timing is crucial – eat fat before sleep then you gain weight. But eating fat at the time of waking programs your body’s metabolism. As Dr. Young raises, having a fat-rich breakfast opens your metabolism to be efficient to fat burning for the rest of the day. So I won’t skip breakfast anymore.

Eat slowly.

It takes about 20 minutes before the brain receives satiety signal from your stomach. It means that only after 20 minutes your brain will decide that you are full and you should stop eating. So, the trick is you eat slowly and after 20 minutes, you’ll be full and you’ll stop eating. Eating fast, on the other hand, leads to overeating as our brain won’t receive any “you-are-full-stop-eating-already” signal.

What other weight-loss technique works for you?

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