The Sun is the best simply because it uplifts.

Sunshine on the beach, sunset and sunrise on the beach, golden yellow sunshine, rock on the beach, peaceful beach with the sun, perfect horizon, perfect view on a vacation escape

Photo from Wolfgang Staudt’s flickr

Every morning, the first thing that I do is to let the rays of sunshine on my bare skin. It wakes me up and keeps my mood elated for the rest of the day. Its brightness is so contagious you can’t help but feel glowing. The ultimate source of energy is keeping up to its name since it is the inimitable energizer.

The Sun symbolizes natural beauty. The light it gives lets us see at all. Anywise, there’s no beauty to appreciate on anything without the light. This natural light is incomparable to the artificial one, in terms of the warmth it delivers and generally the good feeling it elicits.

And let us not forget the health benefits the Sun brings forth. With vitamin D, it impedes the progression of multiple health risks, improves our metabolism, boosts our immune system, spur better organ functioning, and even lowers our cholesterol (that’s why tanning may not be our sole reason for sunbathing). Needless to say, it keeps us stronger.

Let everyday be Sun-day!

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