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What if Harry Potter was never created..

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We’ll have nothing to compare Twilight with; we may actually be convinced that it is a good movie.

Update: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2‘ is rad. Though still about Bella-Edward relationship, several elements of a great story interplay that made it impressive. They saved the best for last.

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The Nanotechnology Mirage Effect makes invisibility possible.

The futuristic is now existing. The researchers from the University of Dallas, Texas worked on a cloaking device that will make the objects disappear, as if they’re invisible. The said device works best underwater, and has an off and on switch.

Thought this technology is cool, it may be intended for wrong purposes. This can be used to evade scenes secretly, or enter any place without anyone noticing.

How would you use an invisible cloaking device?

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‘Mirage-Effect’ Helps Researchers Hide Objects; Science Daily

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