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What if we’re still living the decade of 80’s..

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Now that’s fashionable. Great style, groovy artists, era of true icons, classic films and TV, and chilling activities. Plus, people are not yet slaves of technology.

In 80’s people see the best of the Smurfs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and GI Joe (and Hello Kitty, whatever); heard the best of Madonna and Michael Jackson; and tasted the best of bubblegum flavors. How can we forget the roller skating fad and multi-colored slouch socks (like, really 80’s??). Those are good times.

What do you miss most about 80’s?

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December is the Friday of the months.

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As a student or as a worker, the advancing promise of holiday excites us – a promise of free and satisfying time. And with Christmas just in the next page, a great time is almost always assured of us.

There is nothing not to like in December. Lights are around the corner; the feel good songs are in the air; gifts dominating the ornate town; and an opportunity for familial and friendly gatherings. Even the cold keeps us warm in December.

So, thank God its December.

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