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Sachigusa Yasuda, an artist from Tokyo, features a desolate perspective on being an elevated ground. 

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She takes us to the view of looking down the earth from a skyscraper through her digital photography. And it was excellent.

The experience of her Flying photos was as if you were on the edge of a building’s window, your eyes coordinating with your mind in magnifying the distance to the ground. Some people feel nauseated by the photo, fearing the heights.

What do you feel about this? I’m kept between praising human’s brilliance of industrial design and longing for the natural view we should be seeing but obstructed by these buildings.

What if this place we call Earth is actually Purgatory; that we’ll be in Heaven no matter..

Us on Earth, spectacular view of Earth from space, Earth's shape, circle, clouds from the outer space, satellite view of the planet earth, viewing the outer space, what it looks like in the outer space

Photo from NASA

It seems Earth is in between good and evil. We are susceptible to suffering but we have hope. People believe that there is “heaven” to work for; and that they better we do here, the higher our ranks when we get there.

Earth is land of unexplained. People claim seeing ghosts and spirits lurking along us. Evil can happen but redemption can be earned. Somewhat this feels like the purgatory they describe to us.

Well, there could be happy ending for us after all. What do you think?

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A tourist attraction in Mexico is full of dolls, eerie dolls.

Creepy Island of the dolls, dark and eerie tourist destination in mexico, La Isla de las Munecas, Don Juan Santana, supernatural paranormal tourism, dead dolls, doll body parts, scary dolls

Photos from Esparta Palma’s flickr;

Dolls are meant to incite children’s imagination. They play with them as if they’re actual beings. And that is exactly what makes dolls menacing for adults. They look as if they’re alive with sinister intentions.

La Isla de las Munecas” is a tourist destination in Mexico. It hangs mutilated and destroyed dolls around the island. The mere photos of the place radiate darkness that implants grim into those who sees it. I imagine the experience of being in the island, a poison to my grappling soul.

The legend started with a drowned girl haunting the island’s lone inhabitant, Don Julian Santana. The girl’s doll collections started floating in the canal. In order to subdue the girl and liberate the island from evil, Don Julian took the dolls and hung them in the trees of the island.

For him, it seems like fetching dolls’ parts and grotesque bodies is not enough. He traded his vegetables and fruits he grew himself for more dolls.

In 2001, Don Julian died by drowning, in the same canal as the girl died! Many believed that the dolls took over the island. Visitors claim that the dolls whisper to them.

Would you dare yourself to visit this island?

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