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Daydreaming is one of the best activities.

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Photo from Daniel Foster’s flickr

I’ve been a rockstar, an adventurer and my favorite, an FBI agent. Without it, we won’t have something to endure high school mathematics. Or boring seminars.

It’s a source of innovation. I’m an ambitious man and I think of speeding my dream car and holding that check with a long tail of zeros (ahh, that feels so good). It keeps me updated with what I want to have and to be.

There’s almost no room in daydreaming. It is seen as a lazy act because instead of doing something, you just stare blankly while mind is in fantasy. Daydreaming can misidentify fantasy from reality, and that kind is correlated with almost all psychopathological disorders, says the study of Eric Klinger and colleagues.

Don’t be worried, daydreamer. We are all crazy in our own ways; and there is a second component of the same daydreaming study. Enjoyment of imagination, daydreaming and positive-constructive daydreaming isn’t related to any psychopathy. They make “life meaningful”.

Dream big but stay on reality’s ground. Forgive me for divulging Professor Dumbledore in this topic, but what he said secured the essence of what I’m trying to point out. He says, “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live”.

Dreaming is of paramount value in our lives because we’re looking forward and it’s just good by nature. But we have to act on it and continue living. Don’t expect someone to hand your dreams to you.

I have daydreams that are very attainable baby steps that lead to a bigger life goal, and I have daydreams that are just wild – I’ve been the most moody yet badass FBI agent. What’s your wildest daydream?

Is Daydreaming Pathological?; Psychology Today

I love the natural vigor of sunlight roaming around my pad; my modern house should be full of glass.

A wall in 3D Painting. I want one for my house, but paint a Hogwarts Castle wall for me! 3D street and house wall painting

A wall in 3D Painting. Photo from

You know the 3D paintings in the streets? It tricks you to see something that looks like real but are just 3D paintings. It amazed me, and I will drag it to my room. I’ll hire a professional painter to do a 3D art on one of my walls, just like the photo above but as a Harry Potter fan that I am, I’ll direct 3D Hogwarts castle on my wall (maybe a Gryffindor common room).

As usual, I love to confuse my guests so I’ll make a labyrinth in my crib. I don’t know how that’s going to happen but that’s why architects exist – they actualize our dream house. Around, there’s multi-purpose home theater room, arcade room, bar lounge, home gym and spectral tree house.

Backyard Tree, house garden tree climbing, man climbing a tree

Backyard Tree. Photo from

I’ll import another tree just for the fun of climbing it and looking rugged and daredevil. Thanks to the shade of my tree, there’s a spot for a perfect relaxing hammock life. I’ll also have an orange tree in my garden. And then I’ll arrange an outdoor firepit because in a bonfire is always a golden time to talk and share stories (and I have a hoard of horror stories).

I want Mozilla Firefox to be a pet in my house! Fox Pet

Fox Pet. Photo from

I would have a pet fox watching my every movement, perhaps waiting for the moment of hunting me but his mixed annealing and adorable looks is my kind of company. You may have known in my post Your Pet Story Here that all of my pets in the past either died or escaped in days so I hope Mozilla is the one to stay for long.

Climbing Wall for Swimming Pool, pool party fun, adventure in swimming pool, swimming pool jump, cool

Climbing Wall for Swimming Pool. Photo from

I found this wicked climbing wall for swimming pool, the best accessory I could have for my pool that would attract plenty pool parties and good times. And at night, I’ll have dancing lights like an underwater aurora.

What features are in your dream house?

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