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I’m sure there is no person in the world who never lied.
by Anushka of The Glowing Heart

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Photo from Carmella Fernando’s flickr

People lie for many reasons. To hide their guilt, to protect someone, not to hurt someone’s feelings, not to cause a fight.

I’ve been lied to a lot of times by many people. Mostly by those who didn’t care about my feelings nor being fair to me. So I started thinking about my lies.

I know how to lie and how to make everyone believe it, but I don’t like to do it. Lying is stressful and requires next lies for a case to cover the previous one. What about if I forget about my lie and someone catches me on it? It won’t be a nice situation for both sides.

Every lie, sooner or later, comes out. So what for lying? I believe it’s better to say the truth and deal with consequences instead of lying and stressing yourself and get into more trouble.

But is it always good? Sometimes not telling the truth will save someone else from being hurted or sad. Sometimes lying is bad and sometimes is good? It’s a little bit confusing.

If someone doesn’t ask me about something I don’t say it myself if it’s not necessary. Is it lying? I don’t think so. Some information are better to be kept only for myself.

I think lying can be bad or good depending on situation. But from the other side we can lie saying we do it not to hurt someone’s feelings. There is a thin line between good and bad lying and this is needed not to cross the ‘good side’ line.

What “white” lie have you used?

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Opinions are free but not all are worth listening to.

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Simon Cowell, Opinionated. Photo from

An acquaintance and I were nearing the parking area of a mall. The parking is a vast open space of compacted cars in a busy day. We went around through first corner but couldn’t find a spot for the car. The driver drove another round in the same corner two more times but still, we found no vacancy.

“Why don’t we try over there?” I told him. We were driving around the same loop when there are more possible parking spaces if we stretched further the parking lot. He refused, saying it’s the same over there.

How’d you know, we haven’t been there yet?!! I yelled at him in my thoughts. We went around again until he succumbed and drove further inside the parking. I was right, there was vacant slot for the car’s parking over there.

Let’s not miss the important thing – I was right! Nah, but even though I knew I was right I tried not to argue. Winning over an argument will only make the driver have a negative attitude towards me. However, if there’s a pill for open-mindedness I’ll sponsor him supply for a year.

It is one of the many situations I encounter people verbalizing their opinions based on nothing. Situations change, so you cannot assert that you know what’s there or you know what’s happening like you’re the oracle expert. Opinions are good, but at least base it on something.

Take this example: you bought a new acoustic guitar and someone says it won’t last a week with you. That is a stupid opinion because (a) you don’t really know how long it will last, (b) you criticized, intentionally or unintentionally, the owner – that he can’t take care of his possessions especially a guitar he loved or loved to learn and (c) the opinionated person is being superlative and negative.

If your opinion is neither constructive nor good in nature, just don’t say it at all. It’ll make the other person feel worse. Also, it is better to say that the guitar won’t last a week because you had the same brand and the wood used is shabby, ask if he can still exchange it to other guitar brands. It sounds better because then the opinion is based on personal experience. Opinions with basis are the ones with substance.

What opinions based on nothing have you received?

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Prepare for interview questions, but you can only anticipate so much.

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Photo from photoXpress

Being interviewed for a job is a thrilling experience. The first time I’ve had my chest is heavily pounding. You don’t know what questions the interviewer will ask you, and the strenuous task for you is to casually answer, as if in a normal conversation.

The ones I’ve had in the past are traditionalists. They started with asking me to describe myself, strength and weakness and the rest of those rehearsed questions. What is interesting then is to throw you a question that ought to be asked in a talk show.

I’m talking about the Oddball Interview Questions I’ve read from Yahoo! Apparently, interviewers ask questions like who would play you in a movie, which I find firm interest. For fun, I’d want to answer them, but they do not necessarily mean they are good responses in an interview.

Who would play you in a movie?

– Easy, Ryan Reynolds because I’m as buff. HAHA fine, I want Johnny Depp. He’s just incredible in so much roles he had. Viewers believed he’s a pirate, vampire, barber, tea party organizer and many more of his roles. I want his craft to liven up the role of me.

If you were an animal, which one you’d be?

– If I were an animal, I would be a Gull. I want the privelege to invade three territories – wander in land, drift in air and dive in the sea. I’ll have so many friends then so when I have an enemy, it’s easy to track him down. Plus, I’ll experience so much from the world.

What superhero powers you would want to possess?

– I want to read minds. I mean, some powers are attainable now by most people. You can fly via airplane, gulp gasoline and breath fire, or be invisible by not talking. But with cutting edge technology of today’s, no one can read exactly what’s on the person’s mind. That’ll be cool. I could read thoughts all day.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pencil and put in a blender, how would you get out?

– If it’s on, I’m dead obviously so it has to be off. It seemed to be impossible to climb since it’s glass and you’ll just slide back. But I have one that’s so gruesome, yet clever. I’ll shit all over, and use it to spell H-E-L-P on the glass so giant people could recognize.

How you would survive on a desert island for 30 days?

– Do I have an iPhone? No? Because I could ask Siri to bring my chopper then. Kidding aside, I will need water at least to survive 30 days. If there’s zero reserves, I’ll improvise a boat. If there’s no material other than sand, then I’ll swim away. There’s no way you could survive 30 days in pure desert, so I’ll take the risk.

What you would do if you inherited a pizzeria

– This is a no-brainer. I’ll run it. But I think employers will be looking for resourcefulness here so I’ll increase word of mouth marketing by having free pizza party every Friday.

What are your answers?

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