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Men who wear pink shirts earn £1,000 more, a new study finds.

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Pink is unusual for men, isn’t it? It is a question of a man’s masculinity. The color is too pretty for a gallant character he portrays.

But it takes confidence to wear light colors. Men in pink don’t have insecurities having a pink bearing above his skin.

A new study reveals that men who wore pink earns £1,000 more yearly. Compared to those who wear the traditional colors, these men are better qualified yet half of them take the public transportation to work, leaving a lower carbon footprint.

The same study reveals that men in pink are twice as likely to hold a Master’s degree. 10% of pink wearers have a PhD extension on their name.

And the ladies love the pink color. Men in pink get more compliments and romances from female colleagues.

Pink is historically a man’s color. Men, for centuries, dress more elaborately than women.  The noble knights and celebrated kings wore exaggerated clothes. In the late 18th century, pink was common shade for a man, says Bronwyn Cosgrave, author of Costume & Fashion: A Complete History.

Today, men are coming back to a freer fashion.  One in four men feels more attractive when in pink. “Pink is a colour more men have been embracing recently and it’s encouraging that they are not afraid to experiment with brighter colours”, added Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe, International Marketing Manager for Cotton USA.

Another color deemed feminine before was purple. But in today’s society, men in purple shirts get the most pay raise, and are more likely to drive a car worth £20,000 or more.

The generalization that “pink is for women and blue is for men” is diffusing. Pink, blue and any other color is now for men and women.

What color of clothes you look best with?

Men in the pink; BBC News
The power of pink: Men who wear shirts of that colour earn £1,000 a year more than those who don’t; Daily Mail UK
Men in pink shirts are “better qualified and have more office romances”, says study; London loves Business

What if you can be Italian, Russian, British, or any nationality..

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There are different nationalities but we are born without choosing it. We know that nationality is not like clothes you wear for a day and change whenever desired. But what if..

This is what I surveyed bloggers about –  what nationality would you pick? Here are their responses:

missjeyonline, Dutch, chose to be American.

I’m addicted to the states, I can’t really explain it. Maybe because it’s a crazy-everything-is-possible-kind-of country. “The American Dream”. And I think it’s the only country in the world where you have to work really hard to get somewhere and to have a career, which I really appreciate. Here in my country ( the Netherlands ) you don’t have to work hard. You’re taught to be satisfied with a job, not a career.

tonyquarrington, English, chose to be American.

If I were not English I would like to have been American because I do believe that, however flawed the nation’s system and its behaviour in the world might be, the great democratic experiment that is the United States is the most noble and worthy conceived by man.  I can fully understand the patriotic fervour that grips its citizens on occasions.  Equally, the commitment to the local community and the importance of the states in the overall system are great features.

melbaylon, Filipino, chose to be American.

I think I’d be an American. Not that I despise being a Filipino, being American and living in the USA would serve as a technological advantage. Reading on the educational system of the US, I found myself in love with all the things that were not offered in my schooling. I guess I could be programming software by now if I had the same training students in the US have.

I am a huge lover computer technology and anyone would agree that it’s more accessible in the US than in the Philippines. Kids here plays with their flip-flops not with circuit boards.

I love the social culture of being a Filipino but I also love the techno culture of the US.

joybound, half Spanish, half German, chose to be Italian

So I can roll my “R’s”, wink at people I like without getting accused of sexual harassment, and gesture wildly (or expressively) with my hands a lot when I’m speaking.

sarahannphoto, half German, half American, chose to be Norwegian, French-Polynesian.

Norwegian: I like the way Norway’s government and society is structured. Even more than that I love the natural beauty and simplicity of the country, and it has that Scandinavian, whimsical charm I find so attractive. There are mountains, fjords and wilderness mixed with old towns and cities rich with history, culture and beautiful art, design and style.

French Polynesian: Island time. I would love to lounge on the beach and be warm forever. Life in French Polynesia, specifically Tahiti, seems much slower, so beautiful, free and simple. Not to mention, the natural beauty of Tahiti is incomparable to almost anywhere in the world. I also enjoy the culture – the Polynesian natives mixed with the French influence. It’s just sweet and dreamy… think Paul Gauguin’s paintings!

thedailygraff, American, chose to be British, Italian, Russian, Polynesian, Indian, Australian, Canadian, Spanish, Japanese.

I would be British, because to Americans all British people sound important and highly educated just because of their accent.  I would be French because I love to hear their language spoken.  It’s the most lyrical one in the world.

I would be Italian, because I love pasta and their weather is better than what we get in Ohio .  While on the subject of food, I would be Chinese, because I could eat Chinese food every day and never get tired of it.

I would be Russian, because the people seem really sturdy.

I would be Polynesian, because they seem so laid back.

I would come from India because the people are so handsome, wear the most colorful fabrics, and have a natural grace.

I would be Australian, because their manner of speaking, accent, and lifestyles are so playful.

I would be Canadian and suffer no culture shock at all.

I would be Spanish, because I could travel confidently in Spain, Mexico, or the rest of the Spanish-speaking world.

I would be Japanese because no other people cherish their traditions so carefully.  I would be a Bedouin because my roots would be in sand.

Clearly, thedailygraff is a fan of nationalities. What about you, which nationality is your choice?

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Any boring task music accompanies becomes exciting. 

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I travel in a bus with plugs on my ear. I study with lulling music at the locale. I only do chores while with music’s groove. I even take a shower with Calvin Harris‘ beat playing on. It makes me endure all those times that I feel not doing at all.

Music is endless. There is so much you can do with it. Anybody can create, and anybody can relate. It captures all emotions; and there will always be that song that suites my mood or elicits the mood I hope of having.

Music is color. It’s one thing every person can easily pick up, create wonders, and express feelings.

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