Why would a parent name their child Placenta?

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Person’s Label. Photo from bluemarquee.com

Certain parents are adept in naming their child. Select names just stand out, like Justin of course. Every time I introduce myself, it’s always a relief to other people because my name is easy to remember and I’ve got the famous Justin Bieber to be associated. Michael, Susan, Holly, James – they are all common and simple too. These names not only are clear, but according to Laram and company’s study, the “easy-to-pronounce names are evaluated more positively”.

Naturally positive occurring names have many implications. For one, people with simple names will have finer life opportunities. They’ll be evaluated more positively at work and first impressions towards them will be better than people with names like Suozzi.

You may think that simple names are too generic, where’s the uniqueness and fun in naming a child? I know some names that are simple yet unusual, like Caspar and Ivo. Caution though, having a too strange could hurt the owner of the name because it’s odd for the society. We are followers of society, which parents should have accepted already.

When I hear names like Placenta or Gaye Males, I pity the name but not the child. It’s not the choice of the child, but he or she will be affected by their labels. There are many labels that society imposed on the child right before they are born. Race is a label, and being White or Hispanic has an indelible impact on the life of the person. However, name is a label parents can control. I think parents should take more time in deciding what name they would bestow.

What name would you give or have given to your child?

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