Atheists are more compassionate, if you compare them to highly religious people.

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Photo from Kevin Dooley’s flickr

Atheists and religious people both engage in charitable acts. The difference is what drives them. While religious people refer to the doctrine, atheists rely more on their emotional relevance (if I may say empathy) to another person/s.

People with no belief of God may be thought as self-centered. But a study at the University of California suggests that atheists are more emotionally dependent, that they feel the need of the other person in helping out. I argue that some religious people heed to the teachings without any inkling why. It’s faith and religiosity and that’s a good thing.

Another study surveyed people. Given a scenario: a driver damaged a car and took the money from a found wallet, who was the driver? Teacher, atheist teacher or rapist teacher?

People’s responses reveal that they distrust atheists as much as rapists. This blatant prejudice made atheists an instant suspect.

There are differences. A rapist is called as such because of his wretched crime, and thus the basis of the distrust. An atheist did not commit any crime. They just have a different view. I think that choice should be respected. Yeah, they don’t have morality written on book to guide them, but they have themselves to guide them.

Would you thrash out this prejudice?

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