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Let’s talk about our weirdness.

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Photos from Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner’s flickr

We’re all the same in the sense that each has own peculiar weirdness. Everybody’s different; even twins who have identical genetic makeup can experience the same world differently. We develop ways of doing things apart from the rest. In this post, I wanted to know how weird you can get!

I separate ground beef. The thing about me is that sometimes I’m a health freak, and at times I love junk foods. But every food with ground beef, say spaghetti, I take my time in separating fats from the meat. I know it’s too minuscule and I won’t even taste the fat but my mind is messing with me.

I despise sharing. I don’t like sharing hotel rooms or sharing foods. Especially with sharing foods, I feel like if I’m eating a lot, I’m robbing the other person – and I can really eat like vultures! I want things solely on my own. I know what you’re thinking and nope, I’m not forever alone and I love people. In times I can’t avoid sharing, I won’t be an as*hole about it and I’ll share. I just prefer not to.

I’m an early bird when in comes to technology. Don’t get me started with the new Microsoft Surface or the next Wii gaming console because I can take a whole day talking about it. I can’t take my eyes off when a new gadget or technology was announced.

What’s your weird thing?

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An airline is accused of hacking a person’s email.

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Photo from Yuichi Kosio’s flickr

Airplanes are the safest mode of transportation. In 2002, there were 6,316,000 car accidents in US alone, compare that to 339 near collisions between airlines. The safest seat you’ll be was in the back of the plane, having 40% more survival rate in case something unwelcome happened (based on Popular Mechanic’s study of plane crashes since 1971). That’s the dilemma, comfort was in the front, safety was in the back, where would you be? named Iran Airlines, China Airlines, and Cubana Airlines as the most dangerous airlines in the world. Iran Airlines’s had three accidents in the last 10 years and its safety issues earned a banned status from European Union. China has high number of casualties, the latest it had was in 2002 where 225 lives were lost. Cubana Airlines has the lowest success flights between accidents.

The approximate starting salary of a pilot was $18,000 a year. A janitor’s salary was $21,000 while a New York taxi cab’s salary was $22,000. To get proper training, a pilot aspirant pays $40,000 to $50,000 in average and needs to pass three licenses. Captains earn gigantic if he had miraculous hours of flight.

Dr. Davis Stork said that the filth on airplanes are hazardous to health. Blankets and pillows are unwashed, tray tables are unsanitary and floors are soiled. Try not to touch anything or have a hand wash for your aid.

Kate Hanni sued Delta Air line Inc., accusing the company hacked emails from her computer. She is associated with where passengers voice out about the service of the airline. Whether it’s true or not, a company could go to the extreme to save their face, even to the point of privacy breach.

Order canned or bottled refreshments. EPA testing confirmed 13% of the tested aircraft contained coliform bacteria in their drinking water. The bacteria is found in the fecal matter.

The sky is not entirely clear space – birds can fly too! US Air Force reported 5,000 bird strikes in 2007 due to collision with aircrafts. Other than that, no one’s tracking how many birds were sacrificed for your flight.

What would you like to improve in airlines?

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Lightning is fascinating

Fascination Strike - Lightning, best lightning photo, favorite lightning photo, cool lightning, lightning caught in camera, best lightning, stunning lightning, deadly and dangerous lightning, lightning caught on camera, great shot on lightning, wrath of nature

Photo from Milosz1’s flickr

I know some people dislikes it, and the dominating turbulent sound that comes with it. Sometimes you can anticipate its strike, but sometimes it just creeps you out without due warning. It’s feels like a giant is in a wrath.

It was normal to dislike it. After all, it can kill. Out of our instinct to live, we simply wanted to veer out of anything that kills.

Call me strange but I really like having lightning around. I like having storms around. I know it’s uncool to see people affected by typhoons, and that I don’t fancy. But lightning gives me thrill, and I really like thrilling experiences that makes me shout out I’m alive!

Even blackouts the lightning caused are tolerably a good thing. Every time it happens, it feels like a different kind of living without electricity. And that’s when I appreciate simplicity of life for a while.

Lightning is part of nature, and I like nature so it makes sense to me. And lightning is a good subject in photos. It’s a challenge to capture since it comes and goes within fracture of a second.

What do you feel about lightning?

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The new trends in tourism are exciting, but life threatening.

Storm Tourism by National Geographic, new trends in tourism, Paranormal tourism, hunted houses, creepy, gore, chasing death, uncommon tourism, real haunted house

Photos from National Geographic;

Perhaps decades ago, tourism is limited to hanging out in the beach, or literally “touring” around a place you’ve never been. But now tourism gets more physical, more involving, and more exhilarating.

Storm Chasing Tourism

Storm Chasing Tourism is still considered a relatively small market by comparing the influx of tourists, but it was gaining popularity. I, for one, was culling my date for which I will sign up for it.

Tourists pay a storm chasing company to experience a close encounter with the tornados. Of course, the company will provide experts in the field and necessary equipment but there is no warrant of safety. It is for that reason tourists have to sign up for a consent form before getting to the action.

Although there is no guarantee that the team will spot a storm, it just increases the pleasure of the actual rendezvous with the storm.

Paranormal Tourism

Paranormal has been my interest ever since I remember of existing. I have watched numerous scary movies and listened to sleep-depriving horror stories. What do I get out of it? The experience of being scared. Yeah, people seek that.

Paranormal tourism is simply checking into a haunted hotel, house, or any place to feel the thrill of the unseen. These things are unexplained satisfyingly but people desire to extend their experiences to beyond the physical.

Which tourism are you more likely to pay for?

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