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Seek the same world in different corners of perspectives

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Expand the depth of your love to the intricate culture and nature around. Let it change you, improve you, evolve you; just always to the better of you.

Explore & Dare. Meet & Stumble. Move Away, Do it.

Travelling is maximizing what is around your life. Go, do it! And participate, take photos, talk to locals. Get lost and see the real details of the place. Drop your job, your worries, your judgment. Start with zero feeling, and fill it with novelty, pleasure, and all-new experiences.

Complete the chapter, and with excitement, tell the story to friends, family, whoever. Incite their spirits. And then do it again, do more, go more to where you haven’t traveled before.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Where would you travel next?

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What if you get a million dollars but only for a day..

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A Single Parent’s Life in the post It’s Just A Bag disclosed that if she had the money to last a life time, she wouldn’t spend much on a bag. What if you DO have the money, on which things would you spend it with? And how about having the chunks of money for only day, and the succeeding days you’ll be back to normal. What things would you want to have for those succeeding days?

Here’s what I’m doing.

I’m buy a Europe travel guide and book a one month Eurotrip! This is how one of my evenings will look like:

Best view in the sea in Santorini Greece, Travel in Europe, vacation in Greece, Greel Island, 1 Month Eurotrip, happy adventurous trip to  Europe, england, italy, france, germany, switzerland, travel route to europe, travel books

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I’ll deposit the payment for all the air transfers, tours and classy hotels with breakfast. The only thing I’ll have to worry then is lunch and dinner. I’ll add five of my friends and pay all their expenses so our gang was complete with spacious room for adventures.

A rough overestimation would be $10,000 per person, so $60,000 for five of us.

Then I’ll grab a house and pay in advance for a solar panel build to free myself of the electricity bill burden. The house I’m eyeing is valued at 585,000. Solar panel installation reportedly costs $70,000 at its height.

Bought a House, awesome house, house for sale, great house, best house, beautiful house to buy, las vegas homes, rock house ideas

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I’ll donate $200,000 to charity simply because I have nothing better to spend it with. And the remaining is for Vegas baby. Wouldn’t let this day pass without any fun! And who knows, I could lure more fortune.

It is actually hard to decide what you can spend on a day with a million dollars. I could easily buy a fancy painting, except I appreciate art in any value. Other than travel, that which I wanted most right now, I would go for house and charity. Of course, fun should be in that day so there’s Las Vegas.

How would you spend a million in a day?

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A person waving his hand is typically saying hello, but for Chinese people it means go away.

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Traveling is in almost every person’s bucket list. But culture is a huge account and it must not be overlooked. Being a travel enthusiast, I’ve learned from research that the typical gestures that we know means differently in other countries. Better to be wary about it than be in a disadvantaged side.

The “Okay” Sign

Okay fingers, number three, hole in hand, gesture

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This is a sexual insult for Greeks, money for Japanese, obscene for Spanish, faggot for Venezuelans and Turkish, zero or worthless for French, and asshole in Mediterranean countries.

Unwelcoming Wave of Hands

hi, hello, high five

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Waving of hands is commonly welcoming as it denotes hi or hello. In Indians and Chinese people, it means no or go away. In Japanese people, it means I do not understand or I do not deserve this.

Despicable Thumbs Up

thumbs up to the sky, beautiful hand, nice

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Although the thumbs up gesture is universally known to bear approval or appraisal in general, it is an insult to the people of Iraq, the biggest kind actually. Don’t do it there, as well as in Greece, Russia, Sardina, Italy, most of Latin America and West Africa because it’s like the fuck you sign for these countries.

Speak Now or Stop

Stop sign, open palm, show of hand, gesture

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Country singer Taylor Swift has an album called speak now. But Asian countries literally expect you to speak now when you raise your hand with your palm exposed. In the west, it means stop.

A Pointing Finger

direction, you!, pointing on someone or something

Photo from a2gemma’s flickr

A pointing finger is rude across different cultures. Especially in Nepal, it means “wait and I will have something against you!”.

Prohibited Handshake

firm and cool handshake, interaction, touch of hands, man to man hand shake

Photo from stock.xchng

In Islam and Judaism, handshake is prohibited among people of opposite sexes. And since left hands are used to wipe your ass after pooping, it is considered the dirty hands for Middle Eastern countries; so never shake using left hand in their territory.

The V Peace Sign

red nails, beautiful nails and hands

Photo from photoXpress

This is the peace sign. It is also used to indicate cuteness in photo for Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Vietnam. At times, it could be a war sign since in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland and United Kingdom.

“What are you looking at?”

Blue eyes in focus, gorgeous eyes closed up zoomed in, eye contact, turquios

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How rude it is when you talk and the other person is not looking at you. It is as if that person is not listening. Eye contact is really important in our conversations or mere interactions. Yet, staring is considered rude in Zimbabwe,  Japan, China, and few other Asian countries as well. Staring or eye contact at women is also forbidden in Arab countries.

A Different Kind of Headshake

breath in, smell, man guy chin up, nod, nodding, shave

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Shake your head up and down – you’re saying yes. Shake your head sideways – you are saying no. In some middle eastern countries, it is the other way around. Same applies in Nepal and Greece.

Keep Your Soles of Feet Out of Sight

beach sand on shoes, lying on the beach, beautiful sunny day, relax, man

Photo from imageafter

In Arab countries and Egypt, it is rude to display your soles of feet. This is the reason why when you sit, you should not cross your legs. In India, feet are so unclean you should apologize if you touch anybody with it.

Good to know isn’t it?

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Disneyland is a magical place that’ll keep you in constant blissful trance.

The best fireworks display in Disneyland during the holidays, fireworks show on Halloween, Christmas, new year, happy trance in disneyland, best day to enjoy in disneyland, children

Photo from Larry Johnson’s flickr

And the fireworks show at the end of the festival is the paramount of the Disney experience.

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 Japanese lawmakers can jail a citizen whose waistline goes beyond 35.4 inches.

World's strangest laws, world's most bizarre, most odd laws ever made, craziest law in the world, ludicrous lawmakers, funny laws

A new law in Japan can jail people when their waistline went above 33.5 inches for males and 35.4 inches for females. Although the intent was good – aiming for a fitter and healthier race, its passing into a law is still bizarre.

In accordance to that, I have listed a few of world’s laws that are strangely appearing:

House of Parliament, England, ridiculous funny law in england, tourist spot in England, UK, tourism in England, Traveling in Europe

Photo from Dimitry B’s flickr

You don’t die in the House of Parliament in England. Sorry, it’s the law.

Homosexuals in Singapore, law restriction in singapore, gay people are not allowed in Singapore, gay commercial ad

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However, if you are a homosexual living in Singapore, you are not allowed to live. So it’s okay to die.

Guy Skirt, law against men wearing girl's clothes, forbidden to wear skirts for men in Italy

Photo from Malingering’s flickr

No worries homosexuals in Italy, you may live. But you can’t wear a skirt.

I See These Whales, the forbidden whale seeing, law in England about whales, whale seeing, jumping whale out of the water, giant blue whale

Photo from matthew_hull’s morgueFile

If you find a whale on the British coast, good for you! But you only get to keep the body. The Royal Prerogative 1324 gives rights to the royal family – a dead whale’s head belongs to the King while the tail for the Queen!

A Bear in a Beach, bears forbidden in Israel beach, Polar bears, endangered polar bear, polar bear in water, cute animals

Photo form Su Neko’s flickr

Talking of animal-human interaction laws, bringing bears in any beach of Israel is forbidden.

A Forbidden Kiss in european train, romantic kissing in the escalator, us against the world, couple in the train, France law

Photo from Pedro Ribeiro Simões’ flickr

Hold on! You can’t kiss here. French and English train stations forbids kissing.

Starting-A-Car Frustration, law against anger in driving, woman's car problems, car repair hassle, shiny red car

Photo from photoXpress

Well, in Denmark you can kiss. But before you start your car, you have to check your lights, brakes, steering, and then honk your car.

Flush It, toilet flushing law forbidden, Quiet the Toilet, law forbidden toilet flushing, restroom design, clean toilet, white toilet, convenient toilet in public

Photo from stock.xchng

Not flushing a toilet in Singapore costs $100, so always double check! On the contrary, it is illegal to flush your toilet after 10PM in Switzerland.

Dare Defy My Majic Wand? law forbidden use of magic, witchcraft painting, making a potion, witch's and wizard's wand, brewing chemicals, sorcery

Pretending to know witchcraft or any sort will imprison you in Ireland.

Chinese Graduates, law of chinese government, chinese reading books and magazines, Chinese intelligence, Chinese schools, college and universities

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So you want to go to college. But there’s one rule – you have to be intelligent. Yup, no room for dumb college students in China.

As Long as You're in Underwear, You're Good, models in underwear in mall, male model underwear, wearing underwear is required by law, naked outside

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You can’t leave your house without an underwear. That’s how much they love underwears in Thailand.

Shut Your Mouth, law against speaking, shouting in the woods, echo, scream when no one is around and nobody can hear, release, catharsis

Photo from photoXpress

Shit! I can’t shout offensive words in the Mexican public.

Video games are banned, Video games not allowed in Greece, PlayStation Xbox and nintendo banned in greece, red vs black color of controller dualshock

Photo from joo0ey’s flickr

Electronic games in Greece are banned.

Gun and Horse in Action, prisoners free in law, cool poster, cowboy in a hat and horse pointing a gun

Photo from Wbs 70’s flickr

Oh Canada! It is mandated for ex-prisoners to be given a handgun, bullets, and horse. Apparently, you need these things just to get out of town.

Jump Shot of Prisoner Escapees, happy to escape prison, wanted pictures, men in prison, inmates, law allows escape of prisoners, watching the inmates, guards

Photo from Son of Groucho’s flickr

In Denmark, you don’t wait to be an ex-prisoner, for it is legal to escape. It is however illegal to get caught. The penalty: you finish your term in prison.

Ashtray is Deadly according to law, dirty ashtray, dangerous ashtray, old ashtray

Photo from Lenny Montana’s flickr

So what will keep you in prison? An ashtray. Turned out it is a deadly weapon for French lawmakers.

Which law is the most ridiculous?

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