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More and more CCTV cameras are popping up all around the world in any place from outside banking institutions to parks.

CCTV cameras braking people's privacy, world with cameras everywhere monitoring every activity, scary

Photo from Anders Sandberg’s flickr

Everywhere you go, you seem to be watched at some point or another – in fact in the U.K you can be watched up to 300 times a day.

Is the Big Brother fantasy from the book “Nineteen Eighty Four” becoming a reality? Slowly but surely is probably the answer.

Especially so in the United Kingdom, which is the most watched nation on earth – with a reported one camera to every 14 people as of 2008 (a total of 4,2 million). Other nations around the world are extending their use of CCTV.

On the one hand – if anything does ever happen to you in the street, it will all be caught on camera and thus creates the idea of safety through a sense of security.

The argument is why do we need so many cameras in our cities and towns?

Just imagine, for one moment, we lived in a Big Brother world – where every action was watched and monitored. Would you be happy with this lifestyle?

Surely it’s an invasion of privacy to have so much CCTV surveillance following us wherever we go, as well as a violation of data protection.

It creates the feeling that we are being watched for no real reason other than so people higher up can keep an eye on us.

According to a YouGov poll, the majority of people are in full support of CCTV cameras – thinking they will keep us secure and safe. But would you trade an ounce of liberty for a lifetime of high level security?

The worrying factor is that more CCTV cameras will appear, as if there aren’t enough already. More so worrying is that the next step is for these cameras to feature high-powered microphones to monitor your conversations.

Whilst I can not deny that crime solving could be made a lot easier, I am in the majority when I say I have never broken the law and had no intention of doing so. I feel like my privacy is being severely invaded.

Do you think CCTV is a good thing or do you feel your privacy is being severely invaded?

More and more people around the world are allowing the forever-developing World Wide Web to make their lives that little bit easier.

launch of internet, world wide web, man behind the internet, invention of the century, valuable invention, Sir Tim Berners-Lee unveiled the internet on Christmas Day, 1990

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Business, social networking and communication are being advanced in what can only be described as the technological age that we are currently living in.

What would you do, however, if the internet as we know it was completely switched off via a single switch without any warning?

Fortunately, Sir Tim Berners-Lee has stated that there is no such thing as a single “Off” Switch because the world is decentralised and split up into hundreds of countries, there is no central “Off Switch”.

The only way it could be switched off is if the governments of the world come together and agree to change it from a decentralised system to a centralised one.

But what if everything were to revert to the way it was prior to 1990?

ebay, online businesses that prosper and flourish, amazon, online selling and buying

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A number of businesses relying entirely or partially on the internet would be severely damaged.

Also all people who make a living through pod-casting, hyperlocal news and those selling products on the internet would all consequently lose their jobs.

You would lose all your friends, graveyard due to facebook, online friendships, dead like, like button fb

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With nearly one billion users connecting with friends and family nearby or abroad, the death of Facebook would probably result in the majority of people just not trying to stay in touch any more.

If the internet has made people lazy enough to stay at home to communicate with friends rather than meet in person; will people really put in the extra effort?

thinking returns, brain used again, easy way technology, cognition

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Yep, you would probably regain a large portion of your brain capacity to resolve difficult problems; which would previously have been looked up on the internet.

People would have to rely on books again and reading more has frequently been linked with increased intelligence.

People would buy more newspapers, reading newspapers on actual papers, new trend, going back to way of things

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The newspaper industry has been taking a nosedive in sales ever since the introduction of the internet. With no more “instant” news through websites and social media such as Twitter; the flow of information will travel much slower.

Does this mean more people would revert to reading newspapers for information? As well as more traditional methods of news gathering? More than likely.

Less transparency more corruption, government, private authorities, corruption, hugging and loving laptop, protecting computer

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Without the internet, corporations and government will find it much more difficult to publish information to the public – therefore encouraging the emergence of more Quangos.

Quangos are not affiliated to the government, yet rely on government funding and have been heavily criticised for a true lack or transparency.

You would have to go to work, going back to work after a break and hiatus, driving to work again, getting up early

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As opposed to working from home or teleworking. More and more companies have turned to outsourcing, resulting in a lot of money being saved – but without the internet this could prove difficult.

This will result in many people hopping into their cars and driving to work before…

getting lost without GPS and help of technology, uses of technology, getting around, traveling with smart phones

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Although GPS systems would still operate, but this would prove difficult without a constant flow of internet-based updates.

The loss of Google Maps and other map based technology on the internet would result in people being unable to print off a direct list of instructions and ultimately getting lost. And finally…

blogosphere, blogging, moment matters, blog world

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And you wouldn’t be reading this post. Nor would you be reading any of my other posts or the posts of thousands of other bloggers across the globe.

Just a concept I know, our lives in many respects would probably benefit socially and personally but at the same time be ridden with economic decline in a world without internet.

Would the world be better without internet?

Daniel Mayes is a recent Journalism graduate with an upper-second. He has experience working at BBC World Service, Sky News Online and has worked on projects in Europe and Africa.

An airline is accused of hacking a person’s email.

Riding an airplane, seeing sunset while on an air bus, descending airplane, airplane engine photography, airplane in the sky; Advancing Airplane, airplane photos photography, aviation and airline industry secrets, travel, flying, aircraft

Photo from Yuichi Kosio’s flickr

Airplanes are the safest mode of transportation. In 2002, there were 6,316,000 car accidents in US alone, compare that to 339 near collisions between airlines. The safest seat you’ll be was in the back of the plane, having 40% more survival rate in case something unwelcome happened (based on Popular Mechanic’s study of plane crashes since 1971). That’s the dilemma, comfort was in the front, safety was in the back, where would you be? named Iran Airlines, China Airlines, and Cubana Airlines as the most dangerous airlines in the world. Iran Airlines’s had three accidents in the last 10 years and its safety issues earned a banned status from European Union. China has high number of casualties, the latest it had was in 2002 where 225 lives were lost. Cubana Airlines has the lowest success flights between accidents.

The approximate starting salary of a pilot was $18,000 a year. A janitor’s salary was $21,000 while a New York taxi cab’s salary was $22,000. To get proper training, a pilot aspirant pays $40,000 to $50,000 in average and needs to pass three licenses. Captains earn gigantic if he had miraculous hours of flight.

Dr. Davis Stork said that the filth on airplanes are hazardous to health. Blankets and pillows are unwashed, tray tables are unsanitary and floors are soiled. Try not to touch anything or have a hand wash for your aid.

Kate Hanni sued Delta Air line Inc., accusing the company hacked emails from her computer. She is associated with where passengers voice out about the service of the airline. Whether it’s true or not, a company could go to the extreme to save their face, even to the point of privacy breach.

Order canned or bottled refreshments. EPA testing confirmed 13% of the tested aircraft contained coliform bacteria in their drinking water. The bacteria is found in the fecal matter.

The sky is not entirely clear space – birds can fly too! US Air Force reported 5,000 bird strikes in 2007 due to collision with aircrafts. Other than that, no one’s tracking how many birds were sacrificed for your flight.

What would you like to improve in airlines?

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What if..

..your account got hacked

A dumb password is a giveaway, accounts hacked, password security, hacking computer, computer lock, account security, unlock, padlock, black padlock

Photo from photoXpress

@Momentmattters in Twitter has been hacked recently. The most that hackers did was tweet some bar soaps they’re selling. They do it repetitively and I know it’s annoying so I took care of it.

There is nearly infinite possible combination of characters to be used as a password, but some people have sheer luck in guessing your password. The prior month as well, politician Mitt Romney’s private email was hacked by just guessing his favorite pet’s name. We should respond to the security questions with utter seriousness because that’s one way people get through your account.

It’s worth the time to think of a strong password, isn’t it? These passwords should be loads more perplexing than SplashData’s list of worst passwords on the internet. Topping it all was “password” as password, which I would love to buy that person a dictionary because clearly he needs more vocabulary. Next to it was “123456” – how lazy can you be? And then there are those who are just fixated to their nursery days by making “12345678” as their password. But, I won’t recommend an overly inert password like “j7%4s(=z@,a+6qz” because it’s also a hassle if you keep forgetting your password.

At the least of it, we have invested time in our accounts; but there are also valuable data at risk. When Linkedin was hacked, the hackers may control the users’s accounts and contacts. Allegedly, millions of data are shed when Sony’s PlayStation Network was hacked in 2011. It halted PlayStation Network’s operation for a month. And for most people, they can be hospitalized when they found out their daily updates are all gone.

I guess there’s money in hacking? Or does it only feed the pride of the geeks that they can breach the multinationals? I don’t know what they’ll do with the account of other people but mess it up; and that would only mean something if you knew the person you’re hacking. However, screwing up an enemy’s account is a great revenge venture.

What if your account got hacked (wordpress, facebook, email, any account), what will be risked?

People say that the prime of today’s technology is always laughable for the future’s citizen of the world.

In the earlier times, I mean way earlier, it is magical to see yourself in paper. To take a photograph, you need to pose for whole 8 hours in front of a box as bulky as your grandmother’s cabinet. And the photograph will fade soon after, waving goodbye to 8 hours of smiling. That is their breakthrough technology; and now we just hope all the photos people post online will fade all at once, and never appear again.

Camera Obscura, first photograph, history of camera and photography, black and white photo, Joseph Nicephore Niepce

Camera Obscura. Photo from

Today, June 2012, we see what’s coming in the future’s technological facet. Thanks to the hints of the industry and company players, we have the glimpse of what’s coming ahead. This is just to remind us that what we could have today will be childish compared to what they’ll release in the future.

Cars gone auto and gasless. I know automatic cars are rampant in our roads, but automatic is not the apt name for it. I call this new one automatic automatic car because it’s beyond our definition of automatic car. Google named it Google’s self-driving car. It’s a car that drives on its own, powered by computer that is programmed to know traffic rules and human behavior. Okay, goodluck with human behavior but someday, dads won’t need to drive their son to soccer game because their car is on self-drive.

A month ago, Nevada became the first state that approved operation of Google’s self-drive car. They have a red license plate and a Greek infinity symbol so people know and they won’t freak out upon seeing that no one’s driving it.

There are a few gasless cars available for purchase now; but as long as gas aren’t depleted, we won’t see it taking over. However, when car makers produce more gasless cars than the usual gas-dependent, people would turn to it. It’s cheaper and it’s environment friendly. Electric cars are on the move, oxygen powered are in development and even cars turn invisible with hydrogen fuel.

Cloud services for all. Yesterday, I got myself a Nokia Lumia 900. Unlike the iPhone and the rest of smartphones, it only comes in 16GB. It made the price cheaper and constant, but it doesn’t mean the memory is compromised. It is embedded with Microsoft’s SkyDrive where you store your music, videos, photos and documents in your online hard drive. Your phone will simultaneously sync to it whenever you need to access your files, say you want to listen to Dave Matthews Band. In turn, my phone’s memory is wide as the sky.

Apple also has its cloud services, called iCloud that syncs all your files to all your iOS devices. Add to that, there are emerging cloud storage services like Dropbox or JustCloud. External and internal hard drives will be needless in the future; and this cloud service will also travel to gaming consoles like Xbox Live.

Microsoft Surface, windows 8, microsoft comeback, microsoft tablet, microsoft vs apple

Microsoft Surface. Photo from

Kicking and screaming Windows. Windows Phone came out and it’s rocking. The software is creative and beautiful. If you have common sense, you won’t need any support for it because it’s user friendly. Android is still number one, followed by iOS; but according to market analysts at IDC, the new player Windows Phone will overtake Apple’s iOS market share by 2016, Google’s Android will remain the top spot but will drop to 52.9 % share.

Microsoft also announced Surface. When iPad and the resembling tablets teared our eyes for the futuristic device, we soon realized that it doesn’t do much. It is cool and portable but it cannot replace the functionality of a Laptop. Now with the upcoming Microsoft Surface, tablet and laptop are fused as one – and the crossover looks promising. But I’m shooting here, we can’t say any more until we’ve tried one with our own hands.

Transparent TV, futuristic TV, sony's transparent tv, living room lcd tv

Transparent TV. Photo from

“Find me” – TV. Television has a history full of gimmicks. It started with black and white, then they put some colors, and then full colors. It has gone bigger and bigger to slimmer and slimmer. They added an extra dimension with 3DTV, and now the SmartTV, where you can go online and chat while watching football.

The latest they have is a transparent TV. You can’t easily see it because it’s transparent until you turn it on, or you bump into it.

Never say charge. You hate charging right? Cellphones can go off at the best time you needed it. You can’t find an outlet or you didn’t bring your charger but you need to call your brother to bring you a sponge, so what are you gonna do? In the future, we may never have to re-charge our devices again. Nokia’s developers are working on a prototype that uses radio waves to charge your phone even when it’s resting. And radio waves are just in the air, so our phones will never ran out of battery.

There is a technology that is called wireless power technology. It transmits electrons between two coils without the need of wires. That means, we can charge our devices wirelessly.

Which technology looks promising to you?

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