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Bullying Helps forming character and values, positive bullying; Boy is Bullied

Boy is Bullied. Photo from

It is not preferred for any child to be bullied at all. Yes, in a perfect world; but ours was imperfect. Regardless of one’s developmental stage, class or any demographics you can think of, bullies are sure visitors.

It’s true, a fact of unfair life. I’ve seen (and known) many adults who would break into a fistfight just because someone accidentally stepped on him, or would rant publicly in a waiter’s degraded face because of a trivial mistake of dropping an onion on her lap. These people don’t know how to handle unexpected and disadvantaged events, and it may perhaps because the likes of similar events are never experienced before.

A bullied child will learn how to fight later on. I’m promoting fighting; not to harass but to defend, not to be violent but to be vigilant, and not to be purely emotional but to be justly rational. It’s so easy to punch back or pull the hair of your bullies, but you’ve learned a valuable lesson when you restrained yourself and fought back with integrity.

Experiencing pain early in life only increases your threshold of it. Indefinitely, next time an oppressing force strained you, you knew you got over it, that it’s nothing beyond manageable. I see bullying as a practical teacher from life for the rest of life.

On finale note, there are two sides. It is better to be bullied, that to be the bully.

What’s your view in bullying? Has it changed you?

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Every family has a strange practice that the dependents should follow.

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Photo from Ewan Topping’s flickr

I don’t question my parents’ rules in our house until I’m in the age of reason. I remember that time when I cannot have a spree with my PlayStation for about a month because.. it’s evil. My brother, in high school, can’t join the Karate Club because he will get hurt. What? Says who? What’s the basis? But see, we’re dependents so we better just follow.

A recent questionable parenting is that of Beck Laxton and Kieran Cooper, who didn’t reveal their child’s gender until his 5th age. Sasha is anatomically a boy but they dress him in a girl’s clothes and play with dolls. They even let Sasha decide which clothes to wear in school, either a girl or a boy’s uniform.

Our judgment won’t matter because it’s parents’ choice. Here are more strange parenting practices that ought to raise our eyebrows.

Amy Chua

When daughter Lulu could’t play a piano piece, Amy would “threaten her with no lunch, no dinner, no Christmas or Hanukkah presents, no birthday parties for two, three, four years. When she still kept playing it wrong, I told her she was purposely working herself into a frenzy because she was secretly afraid she couldn’t do it. I told her to stop being lazy, cowardly, self-indulgent and pathetic.”

Lina Medina

Lina gave birth to her eldest at the age of 5 years old and 7 months. How does this happen? She is suffering from Precocious Puberty. So with early sexual development, she gave birth and regards her son a mere younger brother. She even prefers dolls that spending time with her son. The sad case is that they never knew who the father was.

The Duggar Family

With 20 children so far this 2012, Duggar family is huge. And they plan to have as much children as possible.

They are happy, debt free and self-supporting. I hope they think of forming their own Duggar football team!

Michael Jackson

We know the story. Michael is an overprotective father. He doesn’t want his children to be picked on just because their father sings thriller, so everytime they’ll go public, they have to wear masks. They never go schooling with other kids, but adhered on homeschooling. Well, I guess they’re stucked at home for a long time.

Steve Russo

Perhaps Steve would do all it takes to ensure manhood of his son. He organized a party with alcohols like vodka and rum, and a stripper’s pole. Photos are idiotically uploaded to Facebook, which favored his arrest for “giving booze to minors, endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors”.

Do you have any unconventional parenting experiences within your family?

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Robots are smart, encouraging, and supportive; like humans.

Kids + Robot, kids plus robots, robot friend, robot parent, robot humans, robot is human replacement, shiny robots look like human, robot with human features, robot in human face

Photo from stock.xchng

From Forbes’ Technology Is “Almost Human,” Children Say,

Children “imagined robots would be socially successful because they were smart. The children also imagined robots that were better versions of their parents and teachers and offered them limitless time and patience. Conversely, they envisioned robots as being machines that would take on boring tasks so the children have more time for interesting pursuits.

“Robots support and encourage, but don’t judge. They don’t run into scheduling conflicts, and they certainly don’t ostracize kids for wrong answers or unconventional thinking.”

This is how children think of the robots in the future – our replacement. They desired better versions of us. These robots can do all the service that friends and parents give to children, but at the same time eradicate all the impatience, judgment, moral teachings and the negative attributes they think a human person has.

Technology is moving towards a future the children wanted. Digital books and online schooling are already replacing educators. Online but solitary gaming in Tablets and Smartphones replaced games that would’ve been fun played with other children. And with virtual assistance like Siri, they’ll have someone to talk to.

But the good and bad of human interaction helps a child’s personality development. They won’t get sympathy and emotions with machines. If we let the children to rule, they’ll grow up to produce robots that will cater to their offspring.

What makes you better than a robot?

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