You know your zodiac sign, but does that mean anything to you?

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Photo from Remko van Dokkum’s flickr

My horoscope says, “you will receive money today”. Well, fantastic! Give it to me! Then I realize, there are a lot of cancers in the world. Either we’re all getting richer today or I have to be fast and get that money. The latter makes more sense since it says “you”, pertaining a person. Damn, it’s me against the rest of the canny crustaceans.

My friend’s horoscope reading is wackier. It says that it is a good day to buy a new sink. I don’t know where she read that and I don’t think the stars mean that. Whoever made the interpretation is potentially high.

A Haris Poll in 2009 tells us who the believers of horoscope are.  Majority of them are women. A quarter of Americans are horoscope adherents. Another quarter of Catholics are also horoscope believers. 100% of students in England “know their star sign, 70% read their horoscopes regularly and 85% agree that the description of their birth sign describes their personality” (Currey, 2009). And according to USA Today, the fastest growing group of believers are executives and professionals.

In 2004, horoscope is the most searched term in AOL. It remains in the top generic searches in the internet since internet.

Astrology employs 6,000 to 8,000 professionals in America. To become one, you must be certified. The Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences in Seattle is the first to offer BS and MA in Astrological studies.

It is amusing how the description of cancer somewhat fits my personality and it is entertaining to read wacky horoscope readings. But I stopped long ago from monitoring my horoscope because I see it as a guide for my future and I don’t want it.

Are you one of the horoscope believers?

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