I don’t know about you, but when I get excited, I can’t sleep; and lack of sleep is bad.

Brave woman jumped off, adrenaline rush, perfect blue sky, a lady's adventure, bungee jumping scare, perfect capture of excitement in jumping off a cliff or ravine

Photo from Bill Morrow’s flickr

When people are excited, they may be overthinking. They’re thinking of what could happen like they can trace a clue, which will lead to thinking about the results of it, and then you’ll feel an emotion towards the event that is yet to come.

The other extreme of this is worrying. They both render strong feelings for an imminent event. Worrying is thinking that something wrong may happen, so you’ll feel fear; while excitement is thinking that something superlative is coming, so you’ll feel elated. Being elated is a positive feeling, so it can’t be bad right? It is bad if it hampers what good you should be doing, like you can’t eat or do any prolonged task in too much excitement.

There’s “good” excitement, if I may say. I experience that in the middle of chase scenes in an action movie, or the moment before I jump off the ravine (relax, bungee jumping), or watching a head to head sports game. There’s adrenaline in all of that, and it’s a good feeling. We like to be excited that way. We are excited while the event is happening.

In “bad” excitement, we are excited towards an event that is not happening. It stresses us; we can’t wait for it to happen. Like coping with worrying, maybe we just have to let it be. Let it come, you know it will, and be excited while it’s happening. Chill out.

Do you get too excited?