Let’s talk about our weirdness.

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Photos from Brian Johnson & Dane Kantner’s flickr

We’re all the same in the sense that each has own peculiar weirdness. Everybody’s different; even twins who have identical genetic makeup can experience the same world differently. We develop ways of doing things apart from the rest. In this post, I wanted to know how weird you can get!

I separate ground beef. The thing about me is that sometimes I’m a health freak, and at times I love junk foods. But every food with ground beef, say spaghetti, I take my time in separating fats from the meat. I know it’s too minuscule and I won’t even taste the fat but my mind is messing with me.

I despise sharing. I don’t like sharing hotel rooms or sharing foods. Especially with sharing foods, I feel like if I’m eating a lot, I’m robbing the other person – and I can really eat like vultures! I want things solely on my own. I know what you’re thinking and nope, I’m not forever alone and I love people. In times I can’t avoid sharing, I won’t be an as*hole about it and I’ll share. I just prefer not to.

I’m an early bird when in comes to technology. Don’t get me started with the new Microsoft Surface or the next Wii gaming console because I can take a whole day talking about it. I can’t take my eyes off when a new gadget or technology was announced.

What’s your weird thing?

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