Take note of their good sides, but take closer look on the bad sides.

The hammer of the judge is called gavel, brown gavel, wood gavel, judging over paper and contract, law passed, victim and suspect, trial table

Photo from Brian Turner’s flickr

When it’s our turn to be kids, we loved our parents so much. You show your dad that you can throw a baseball or show your mom the beautiful flower you just picked. You’re always by their side; you hug them and cry if you can’t see them.

Then, we enter the teenage years. We may despised because they’re intruding. They’d want to teach us life lessons but we wanted to live our own life differently and not be told what to do.

They say we’ll go back to loving them more once we grew out of the teenage years. When we started having our own families, they say we’ll be exactly like our parents. I hope not.

Criticize your parents. Don’t hate them so much that you don’t recognize their good side; and don’t love them too much that you don’t recognize their bad side. Try not to repeat the mistakes and the displeasing side of your parents.

They gave birth to you and that commands respect; but they don’t always do the right thing. Not because they’re your parents you just accept all they say and do as if they created everything right. I’m not denouncing the roles of parents, but I’ve seen parents who will assert that they’re always right in their families.

Parents can say and do right or wrong. You don’t have to brag it to them, love and respect, and just filter what’s coming in to you.