Noise is more tolerable than complete silence.

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Man of Noise. Photo from

I can’t stand the complete silence. I feel like my head is about to pop. Every second more of silence will add up to the chances of me being mad. I’ll do all things, even writing, with music if the surrounding is mute. The sound of fan would do, or the wind brushing the trees outside, but not the silence.

Do you know that silence kills? Of course you don’t, because I made that up. But it will kill me if you locked me into a room of blankness, nothing that could make any sound at all. That is a terrible nightmare I just imagine myself of being into, and see, this is what silence do – creeps you out!

Silence causes trauma to the brain. The temporal lobe is constantly expecting waves from the acoustic nerve. If there’s silence, there’s no message to deliver to the brain. So it makes you uncomfortable because there’s an anomaly. From ears to your brain and everything in between is not functioning the natural way. This is my reasoning why I hated silence, and I’m impressed at how this paragraph looked so academic as I made this up as well.

We reason in accordance to what we believe, and we accept that reason because it supports us. I just feel nothingness in silence, like I’m not moving forward, stagnant like the dead. Silence is really unfavorable.

Which would you prefer, silence or noise?

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