This virtue is opposes my character; it’s an inconvenience.

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Are you reminiscing the last time you encountered the word virtue? I won’t blame you. Let us refresh each other’s registry. From what I remember, virtues are the hallmarks of your character. It is the guiding moral principle of your everyday life activities. If that’s too deep, honesty, faith, punctuality; these are all virtues.

My alma mater has a culture called ‘Virtue of the Month’. It is exactly what the phrase implies – one virtue is expected to radiate within the prevailing month. For example, the virtue of the month is order; a speaker, in the beginning of the month, will preach about what is order, what is not orderly and the rest of the usual. As students, we are expected to practice order and that especially applies to order in our lockers.

The Virtue of the Month has remnants on me, because I’m a proud principled man. I live by values, but there is one virtue that I really hate. It’s patience.

I really hate to waste valuable time doing nothing while waiting in line. You know those times you are stalled, but you can do nothing but to wait. Oh screw that! I want things happening now, spontaneous and flowing.

If I’m in charge of the world, there will be no waiting. Even in grocery lines, I’ll pay Adam Lambert to sing for your entertainment.

There is time and place for everything. Timing is essential in many aspects, even in launching my writing ideas or business ideas; but it doesn’t mean that we sit and wait for every right time. I don’t call that endurance or patience, it’s absurdity.

What virtue you practice the least?

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