Hundreds are movies coming out each year, but the best ones are those that left you a good feeling.

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The film industry is lucrative, artful and entertaining; and always has been since the advent of the first feature film, The Story of the Kelly Gang, in 1906. Back then, limited colours are seen, but nonetheless entertaining. It lures £25,000 from a £1,125 budget; but now, films are generating millions to billions, with the promise of 3D viewing and Dolby Digital sound technology.

I’m sure you’ve seen varied genre. Some people fancied classical films, those films in black and white and others preferred the well-produced effects.  There’s so much offered – horror, action, comedy, romance, and more. But what made your favorite, a favorite movie?

I think the answer is movies that we love are those movies that somehow, elated us. We like it because it made us feel good, by having a connection to the character and by appreciating the story.

I like inspirational movies the most. Inspiration itself is a positive feeling, and those movies may leave a better mindset or outlook in life. And these movies are truly brilliant – Dead Poets Society, Forrest Gump, A Beautiful Mind, 3 Idiots, The pursuit of Happyness, and Good Will Hunting.

I also dig Comedies; and I watch them repeatedly. These movies cracked me – Date Night, Eurotrip, Roadtrip, and American Pie series. The series that I’ve grown up will always leave a good nostalgic feeling. I age as Harry or Andy ages- Harry Potter and Toy Story series.

Feel good movies could be subjective, so what’s on your list?

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