These upgrades made our lives better.

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Find a need, and fill it. I believe in that adage in business. People should have a purpose in designing a product for sell. Hopefully, that purpose will cater to man’s needs. There is a branch of science, called ergonomics, aimed at improving human interaction through product innovation. There are numerous upgrades that already made our lives better. Here are five:

eReader –  iBooks, Kindle, Barnes & Noble

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As much as I will miss the smell of paper on books, I savor the benefits of eReading. My ebooks are on my tablet, accessible wherever I go. Font face and color are adjustable depending on my preference, all conductive to better reading.

Text Messaging – eMail, BBM, iMessanger

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Remember postal mail? That’s when you write a message to paper, address it to someone, go to postal office, pay the fee and they will send your message. Expected arrival is in days, depending on the location. Doesn’t ring a bell? It has stamps on it, and a mailman delivers it. Now, messaging is instant.

Online Shopping – eBay, Amazon

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Finding a product is as easy as typing it, then it’ll come knocking on your house. Delivery is free on many items at a minimum price.

Contact Lens

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I know eyeglasses could be an irritating wear. Once it fell, it could be gone. Contact Lenses mask these disadvantages of wearing glasses. Plus, people get to choose their eye color.

Bluetooth Earphones

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Wireless earphones is a tremendous relief. It’s freedom to move around, jog, work out in gym, dance Mick Jagger style all I want without the hassle of a wire.

What upgrade made your life easier?

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