It doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the bag is, all bags have the same main function.

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First of all, I’m a guy so I’ll never understand sacrificing huge amount of money on a bag. I mean, it is just a bag. It doesn’t do much other than storage of stuff. You may perhaps find me eyeing a car but it is more understandable because (a) you know the production is costly, and (b) it is for convenience and safety purposes as opposed to public transportation where there is risk of being robbed, holdapped, kidnapped, and any other criminal acts.

Consider this situation: your pregnant sister visits you at home and suddenly her water broke and has to deliver a baby. How will you get to the hospital? Let’s say you can’t find a taxi, will you take the train? A bus? Of course not. You’ll value the safety of your sister and her baby so a car helps. I don’t think a bag can help you get a pregnant baby into the delivery room, nor will it save a life of a person.

I remember my professor in economics (which is by the way, one of the more handy courses I’ve had), saying that she’ll never buy a costly handbag. It is because the idea was crazy, and she prefers bringing a backpack. It is more convenient. You use two shoulders instead of one so there is even weight on both shoulders, which saves your posture. More importantly, you could fit so much more in a backpack.

From what I’m seeing, women’s bags are used as a statement of style and/or fortune. You inform people without verbally claiming that you can afford those bags, and you feel somewhat superior, a satisfying feed of attention.

If you like it, you like it. I should respect that; but I will always think that it is ridiculous to spend $31000, $18000 or even $1600 on a bag. Don’t care what brand that is, fact remains that it is just a bag.

Could you explain to me other reasons why people buy high-end bags?

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